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How often should I shampoo/condition my hair?

I'm a guy with medium-length hair, it's relatively thin and if I go one day without washing my hair it looks pretty greasy I'm just not sure if I should be using both shampoo & conditioner every day.

Afterwords I apply a bit of molding wax, extra-strength hair gel & hairspray because my hair cannot stay styled so I do all this then blow-dry my hair so that it keeps its shape while it dries and holds throughout most of the day.

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    Well if your hair is greasy you should wash it everyday but if your hair isn't too greasy leave for a day or two. also if you add products to your hair you should wash it

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Dont wash your hair every day, it will look greasy but then it will stop looking that greasy and apply conditioner every other day from when you take a shower and only apply a little bit and only to the ends and don't blow dry every time you take a shower rather that just dries the natural moisture and it makes it greasier go some days without styling your hair :) I hope this helped :)

  • MrsN
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    8 years ago

    Shampooing your hair every day actually strips your scalp of the oils it needs to be/look healthy. In response, your scalp produces more oil to make up for the fact that shampooing makes it dry. So don't shampoo every day. Once or twice a week is best, every other day at most. The wax and gel will leave a buildup on your hair over time, so use a clarifying shampoo and condition when you're done.

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