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what are the best cleats for shin splints?

i have shin splints and they are really bad right now. i have some adidas copa mundals and they're about a year old. i wondering of i should change them or what. i dont know what to do or what good cleats i should use

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    To be honest, changing cleats aren't going to help out shin splints a whole lot. There are a few other things you can do to help though:

    -Take your cleats off when you don't need them. Just stick to the tennis shoes with more support and cushioning.

    -Develop your legs. Weak muscles are what really drive shin splints. Do toe raises and calf raises every day to develop your primary lower leg muscles.

    -Work on your form. Make sure you aren't driving your heals into the ground while you run (especially while sprinting). Stay up on the balls of your feet.

    To actually answer your question though:

    The best cleats are the ones that fit you best and let you run the most naturally. No two bodies are the same and so what works well for one person my be horrible for another.

    I personally am a fan of the Adidas F-50 series, but like I said, go to a shoe store and try on half a dozen pairs or so.

    Source(s): Played soccer and ran track and XC in high school. I had really bad shin splints and worked them out with the exercise suggestions I made. Shin splints, yo!
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    There is only ONE way that shin splints will improve and heal, and that is with rest.

    It doesn't matter what cleats you buy, they aren't going to make a difference. Your body is injured and CANNOT heal until what is damaging them stops.

    I don't know how long cleats last or what makes a good cleat (this is a running forum), but I imagine going to a really good store that specializes in your sport is going to be your best bet for finding the right shoe.

    But again... to get the shin splints to heal you HAVE to take time off. Otherwise the injury will worsen and that means it will take even longer for it to heal. Shin splints can eventually turn into stress fractures and bone spurs as well. Be careful and do not ignore your body.


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    try puma, umbro works too !

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