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why do you have to buckle you're seat belt on a air plane?

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    When there is turbulence, especially extreme turbulence, a seatbelt will prevent passengers from be ejected from their seats in the air and hitting the bin/ceiling, falling out of their seats, etc. It's for your safety.

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    Because you are flying 500 mph at 35,000 feet in a pressurized metal tube, and even on the ground taxiing, you are travelling 100 mph or more.

    If there was turbulence you could be bumped around and injure yourself or other passengers.

    You use your seatbelt in a car, I hope.

    Source(s): flight attendant
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    Because it can save your life, as well as the life of others in case of an accident on takeoff and landing. During the flight you should keep the seatbelt on in case of turbulence, even if the seatbelt sign is off. When the seatbelt sign is on you are required by law to buckle up.

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    In case they have an accident. Or when in the air they bounce up and down and you don't end up hurt.

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    it can be bumpy during take off and landing and there could be sudden turbulence during the flight which can toss you around if you don't have your seat belt on.

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    In case an accident like this one happens:

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    so that u don't fall n hurt ur head, ect.

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