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How to disable password on ipad appstore?

Hey my mom gave me her old ipad since she got the newest ipad and we don't know how to disable the password so when i want to download something it won't pop up wanting me to enter her password. We also can't make me my own apple ID acount, because all of our apps are connected to one account.

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    To begin, unfortunately the only way to disable the pop up of the App Store asking for for your moms apple password is to log out of the apple account. Go to settings, stroll down to iTunes and App Store then click on it. Tap the apple ID and then press sign out. With creatin your own account, I pretty sure apple Dosnt allow apps to be transferred between apple accounts. The app that you want can stay on the device or redone load most of the free ones if there are any under your apple ID. The only thing is, is that if there's an update for a app, your mom has to put in the password to her apple ID FOR THE APPS THAT ARE UNDER HER APPLE ID. Otherwise you can update the ones you have downloaded. Hope this helps :-)

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    how to set up a new account and password on my old ipad

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