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My wife is upset because I forgot to buy her dinner tonight?

After i get off work i usually stop at mcdonalds or another restaurant to get dinner for me and my wife.But today at work they served us dinner, which they normally don't do. After I got off work I was full so I didnt think about stopping at a restaurant to get food and just went straight home.

My wife got really mad when she saw that I didn't get any food for her and started yelling at me so I apologized to her for it and just explained what happened. I told her I would go back out and get her her food which I did.

When I got back I saw my nintendo ds ontop of the table and it was all busted up and doesn't work now. I got upset that my wife did this so I took the bag of food I was holding and about to give my wife and through the burger outside as hard as I could and dumped the fries on the ground and stomped on them. Then my wife just ran out of the house and to the neighbors house (where her friend lives) and I havnt heard from her since then.

What should I do now? Do you think it was ok for me to do what I did considering my wife broke my ds? Do you think I should go over there to apologize or just wait for her to get back?

I don't want to make the situation any worse then it already is so what do you think is the best thing to do right now? I really don't want to have to get a divorce but if there's nothing I can do to fix the situation do you think I should?

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    OMG, you are both very childish. It was ridiculous of her to break the nintendo over something so stupid. I mean what did that get her?

    And you, you smashed her burger and fries? What did you get out of that?

    I think you should wait for her to get home and then apologize. She also owes you an apology but sometimes you have to be the adult and do the right thing.

    This is certainly nothing to get divorced over unless this sort of things goes on every day with you two. However since the issue is the childish behavior of the two of you divorce isn't going to solve the problem, you'll just take it with you to your next relationship.

    You both need to remember that this is the person that you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with. The person you love with all that you are. The person you would take a bullet for. Do you really want to be vindictive and hurt each other? Is that who you really want to be?

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    This is not about the burger or the nintendo game. Be honest with yourself and you will know that. If you are serious about being married, you need to speak with your wife about seeing someone who can help you not only sort out what the real problem(s) is, but help you find ways other than mashing your food and destroying things to express your frustrations.

    Good Luck!

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    Your wife busted up your nintendo because she was upset about you not getting any food at Mc Donald's.

    Does that sound sane to you???

    No... Do nothing...wait for an apology. But you know,

    it is not a good marriage to bust up things.

    If she keeps doing it i would re-consider if i wanted to be married to her.

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    She over reacted big time. You offered to get her dinner after explaining why you forgot, you did NOTHING wrong. For her to break your DS like that was childish and immature. You should wait for her to come and apologize, You made every effort to fix your mistake and didn't deserve the treatment you got. She needs to make amends, not you. I would wait, she'll see sense.

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    Here's why:

    Women think of stuff like that. They think, "Oh, I'm going to also get this or that to take care of him, too." When I go out to dinner with my friends, one of them always orders something to take home with her to her guy without fail. Women caretake. Men take.

    She was feeling like you just left her on the side of the road on your way to have fun. That's how it feels when someone in a domestic relationship where you two tend to one another and the dude just blows it off because he PERSONALLY wasn't feeling hungry or in need of caretaking.

    She would have remembered for you. And the Nintendo I am guessing represents something you never neglect to pay attention to.

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    Sorry, is this sounds like a teenage marriage...

    I don't think you divorce after throwing a burger from a broken nintendo ds...

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    I think you should do something worthwhile with your life instead of writing all of these stupid questions. You aren't married. You're a kid with way too much time on your hands.

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    Go and get her. Kiss and make up. Her behaviour is way out of line, you need to work something out.

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    If you are not trolling, and this is a real question, then please file for divorce immediately and go back to live with your parents.

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