My Girlfriend is trying to make me jealous?

I've been going out with this girl for about 3 months. I am a freshman in high school. There is a couple of problems that I have with this relationship. One is that I feel like that if i dont approach her, she wont even come to me at all: and that she doesn't show her love to me. I mean if i hug her and kiss her she kisses me back and stuff but i always have to do the first step. I understand that i am the man of the relationship and i have to do all these stuff but not all the time right? And another thing is that if im talking to a girl and i see my girl friend from the distance, she knows im talking to a girl but she she doesn't even look. But then she goes to her friends and texts them how much she wants to kill her and stuff. But the thing is that she doesn't show that she cares at all but she actually does. I am a really jealous guy and when ever she hugs a guy i get really jealous and stuff. Oh and there is this guy that like they "flirt" with each other all the time but not anymore but he like comments on her pictures "i love you" and stuff but she doesn't respond back but she liked all his pictures on facebook and it pisses me off. I dont know what to do. Can someone help with all my problems?

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  • 8 years ago
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    In my opinion from what I have read it seems to me that she is still extremely immature and you are maturing. [i'm not sure how old you both are] If I were you I would back away from this relationship before it stretches on longer and causes more issues and heart ache for you.

    If you want to at least try to see if she will change then I suggest you and her going on a date together and once you both are secluded, open up to her about what you just told us. Explain that you want to try and that it feels like you are the one trying in the relationship and she isn't. If she can't communicate with you then its already over and done with. Communication is the key to a healthy long-lasting relationship as well as understanding.

    I hope this helped you and you seem like a great guy. Good luck. <3

  • 8 years ago

    I think you have to solve this for yourself. If you guys already have problems and its only been 3 months, there are 2 different roads you can take. Break up with her and move on and find someone that can meet your emotional needs, everyone is different ! Or talk to her, explain whats bothering you and ask her whats up with her actions as well. If you guys can resolve this then thats great! But if you agree to fix things and no fixing actually happens then move onto something/someone more worth your time and effort! Effort is really important in a relationship, and one way relationships are not great to be in!

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