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A balloon is floating around outside your window. The temperature outside is 7 degrees C, and the air pressure is 0.800atm . Your neighbor, who released the balloon, tells you that he filled it with 4.20moles of gas. What is the volume of gas inside this balloon?

Express your answer numerically in liters.

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    Ideal Gas Law: PV=nRT (P=pressure in atm, V= volume in liters, n= number of moles, R= .0821 (it's a

    constant), and T= temperature in Kelvin)

    Lets convert the temperature in Celsius to Kelvin by adding 273: 7+273= 280 Kelvin

    Plug in what you have: PV=nRT -----> (0.8 atm)(V) = (4.2 moles)(.0821)(280 Kelvin)

    (0.8 atm)(V)= 96.55

    V = 120.687

    The Volume is 120.687 liters.

    Source(s): Chem Honors & AP Chem :)
  • 8 years ago

    Plug this into the equation PV=nRT <-- this is the ideal gas law and helps us figure out values given the relationships between pressure (P), Volume (V), moles (n), The ideal gas constant (R), and Temperature (T).

    R-ideal gas constant 0.0821 (L * atm) / (K * mol)

    You must use all the units that are included in the ideal gas constant, so you will need to do some stoichiometry to convert degrees C to Kelvin in this situation so:

    7. degrees C + 273.15= 280.15 K

    Now plug that in for T, Plug in 4.20 moles for n, plug in 0.0800 atm for P, and 0.0821 (L * atm) / (K * mol) for R. Then do some algebra to get V (Volume in Liters). To make it easier, you can re situate the Ideal gas law formula to equal V--> V=nRT/P. Make sure you have the right number of sig figs in your answer.

    Source(s): I just learned this in my General Chemistry class actually.
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