Industrial engineering student need career advice!?

So I'll be choosing my emphasis soon, and I cant decide to go into health systems engineering or engineering management.

both sound very appealing and interesting, which is better at the undergrad level?

also, is it better to get work experience first and then go for a masters as an engineer?

my plan was to intern next year and then go right into my masters after my undergrad and then finally look for a career.

I've dont all the reading i can, I can't find many industrial and systems engineering forums for students

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  • C7S
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    8 years ago
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    Healthcare is booming right now so I say that is the better field.

    Manufacturing also has many jobs, but they look for more experienced people and it is more competetive.

    I am an Industrial Engineer and I chose the manufaturing emphasis. I graduated May 2011.

    As for the work experience, yes, Masters degrees in engineering and management require at least 3 years of work experience and a 3.0 G.P.A. If your grades are very good, they sometimes allow someone with 1-2 years experience. This experience must be relevant to your studies and could include research, internship, co-op, contract, or permanent jobs.

    I am actually starting my Masters of Engineering in Systems Engineering this May. Then I will go for Engineering Management Masters degree afterward if I am not too tired of school.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I see you have Petroleum Engineering listed, which isn't a smart decision interior the present climate. have you ever looked into Chemical Engineering? don't be fooled by the call, i stumbled on that there became little or no chemistry in assessment to arithmetic and physics. It has super potentialities with it being between the main below-subscribed engineering classes, my 365 days contained 60ish people in assessment to the 4 hundred interpreting mechanical engineering. we are at the instant crying out for chemical engineers, making use of many from the African and Asian continent. without attempting to sound snobbish, chemical engineering is ordinary to be the administration area of the engineering i.e. chem eng layout the plant, the civil eng lay the guidelines and the mechanical eng will build/layout equipment -- over simplified, yet you get the gist. electric powered engineering is not any doubt certainly one of the toughest, mechanical isn't in need of applicants, and that i do no longer comprehend too plenty with regards to the computers engineering. desire this helped! P.S. Chemical engineering got here out because of fact the third optimal payed degree interior the situations score; drugs and regulation have been marginally above it.

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