I want to move to England.?

I am wondering where the best spot to live would be. I only want a 1 bedroom apartment and it can be shitty for all I care as long as it has four walls and a roof. I was also wondering if it is cheaper to live there or in America. Is the public transportation good? If I get a college education in America does it count in the UK? Does college cost more in the UK? Any other good advice would be greatly appreciated. Please excuse my ignorance.

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you are not from the eu you need at least a masters degree, a special rare skill that no one in the eu has and thousands of pounds in savings to be considered for a visa and restrictions get tighter every year

    Edit: oh, and the UK isn't the same place as England so you need to learn that too

  • 8 years ago

    LOL Slow down there cowboy,

    You can't just come to this country like it was another state, you should be thinking about how to get yourself a Visa first before apartments, living expenses and transport. Of course your education would count here. No, college is cheaper in the UK, if your under 19 it's free. University here is very expensive. Get some decent qualifications in the states that is for a highly regarded skill and try to get a Visa to this country.

  • 8 years ago

    To study in the UK as an overseas student, you'd be looking at annual tuition fees of £10-15000 a year, plus living costs of £7-10000 a year. You'd need acceptance to a UK university to get a student visa; once that expired, you'd need to return home.

    The best and the cheapest areas of the UK are not generally the same place.

    If you wanted to actually live and work in the UK after studying, you'd have to apply for a work visa. Look on the UK Border Agency website for information - but basically, without specific high-level skills and qualifications, you simply wouldn't qualify.

  • 8 years ago

    Taxes in England are rather lower than in the rest of Europe but property prices are on the high side.

    What sort of lifestyle do you want? As far as big cities go London is vivacious, multi cultural and is redolent with culture and history. At the other end of the spectrum Ludlow is a beautiful, peaceful country town www.ludlow.org.uk

    Public transport in the U.K. is generally excellent. We have a dense frequent national rail network

    and local transport within cities is great too.

    Work visas are not too easy to obtain. You need a firm job offer or perhaps work for an American company with offices in England you can be transferred to.

    I don't know how University fees compare to those i the U.S.. They are from £3,000 and £9,000

    and if you are offered a place in a British university you will be able to obtain a student visa

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    8 years ago

    To live there you must have immigration status. You can probably get up to a year visa without difficulty. To get long range immigration status it helps to have a skill. This applies to emigration to all countries. You must either have a job lined up or assets to meet their specifications. If you do not work you must have an income of $35-50K dollars. You can get all details at an embassy website. I only know this because I looked into it. I think it should be easier to move to another country. This is another example of how 99% are unfree. But if you are actually there it may be easier to get immigration status than it appears.

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    8 years ago

    Wikipedia has information on the country of England at


  • 8 years ago

    why does everyone want to move to uk? i do only bc i used to live there. yeah they have crazy laws and high taxes and everything's expensive. go visit before you move. it's a fad and idk if you'd even want to live there once you visit.

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