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What exactly does an iq of 188 indicate?

I'm 14, today I asked my guidance counselor if I could take the iq test, I took the test, and to my surprise, I got a score of 188, I've been told this is great by many, but I would like to know specifically how 188 falls on the line..

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    A real IQ test takes many hours to complete and costs hundreds of dollars. Chances are good that wasn't a real IQ test. Fewer than 100 people in the world would score that high on a real IQ test. An IQ of 188 means you should have graduated from college by your age. So if that's your real IQ, you're severely underusing your potential and probably always will. But it's not because you almost certainly took a fake one. Not to mention the fact that a real psychologist would have explained the score to you, so you wouldn't have to ask us.

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    Mildly Gifted -- 115 to 129

    Moderately Gifted -- 130 to 144

    Highly Gifted -- 145 to 159

    Exceptionally Gifted -- 160 to 179

    Profoundly Gifted -- 180

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