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Why does my hair get greasy a few hours after washing it?

Whenever I take a shower and wash my hair, after a few hours from my roots to midsection is very oily, and the rest is very dry. I do not put any anti-frizz serum on the top section. No matter how long I brush my hair, it does not transfer any of the oil to the bottom.

Why does my hair do this and what can I do about it?


I never condition my roots.

Update 2:

Unfortunately it's like this with every shampoo I use :(

However some of them do get rid of the oil, but they make my hair WAY to dry which is really bad, too.

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    hey gurl. i have oily hair tooo and it sucks!!! but the thing you need to do i wash it EVERYDAY. if you dont wash it eveyday it's going to be oily. you need to start using a shampoo for oily hair. Dont just buy any kind that smells good. it the kind that says its for oily hair and wash it once everyday and you should be good. as far as the dryness from the bottom goes. condition the ends of your hair. not from root to tip just the tips. my hair is just like yours and thats what i do for it(:

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    After you wash your hair and you're conditioning it, make sure you avoid conditioning your roots. Just condition your ends.

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    Try changing up your shampoos and conditioners. Use a different brand or try making your own organic shampoo that just removes dirt.

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