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How can I (physically) get closer to my crush?

Surprisingly, I haven't broken the touch barrier with my closest friend yet. And I need an excuse on how to break it... We dont go to the same school so nothing in school... (I'm a guy she's a girl BTW)... Sometimes she smacks my *** for no reason... Some ideas might be like taking her phone when she's texting someone or picking her up and moving her when she's lazy or something... And nothing awkward that I wouldn't do... Please list alot of ideas and something excusable... Something i want to see would be...list your answers in an order that's from something small to maybe something big like a kiss on the cheek... 10 PTS BEST LIST

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    1. if she's being lazy pick her up and move her bridal style.

    2. steal her phone

    3. tickle her

    4. just give her a hug

    5. kiss her

    you seem really sweet, and you had great ideas, personally I would just kiss her and see what she does. go for it :)

  • 8 years ago

    high five?

    ask her to read something in your phone so you get right next to each other?

    asking for a goodbye kiss?

    this are the only ones i can think of i'll try to edit if i think of more anyways i don't think its that important but your choice

  • 8 years ago

    Sneak up behind her and put your hands over her eyes. Or poke her :P

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