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If i had big breasts before weight loss, will i get them back by gaining weight?

I lost 10 pounds. I weighed 120 at 5'3. (Age 19) I was rather slim with a 34C bust. I lost weight proportionately, so if i gain weight will i gain it proportionately? So what im asking is will i get my slim body and big bust size back?

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    Your question is impossible to answer because you did not specify the time line and what changes may have occurred from the time to lose until now due to natural growth. However, the best guess answer is "no". It's very unlikely that you will get your 34C's back.

    Our bodies do have a tendency to lose fat in the reverse order of which it was gained and visa versa. However, drawing a line around your boobs and asking if the weight you gain from adding aidpose tissue will fall within that line is a little much to expect. You'll probably get some back, but not all. And, you will probably lose some firmness and your breasts will likely become somewhat looser owing to pockets created internally where the adipocytes were depleted while other adipocytes were swollen with new fat.

    These are not huge changes. They're quite subtle. After all, we're talking about ten pounds over your whole body and your breasts are only 10% of that tops. So, we may be talking about 8 ounces of fat per breast and that difference is probably less than what you get from two different bra fittings.

    Good luck and good health!!

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    Weight loss can be a roller coaster ride if you are not focused on your plan. The tips and advice you have read here are some helpful ways to begin to take control. Devise and build a plan that is suited to your needs and your way of life and be consistent. Roller coasters are only fun in amusement parks.

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    swap out brown rice or quinoa yes even the new super food which both add up to about 220 calories per cup for cauliflower or roasted peppers that are only about 30 calories per cup

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    degrease by scrubbing in the shower for 15 minutes then spend 7 minutes shaving 3 minutes toweling off 4 minutes moisturizing and 20 minutes blow drying and styling your hair

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    Walk in the morning and eat breakfast within an hour of waking

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    fly a kite for 20 minutes

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    Eat five servings of fruits and veggies a day

  • 4 years ago

    Keep proper distance between meals

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    2 hour round of tennis

  • 5 years ago

    sleep in a cold room sleeping in a cold room is a best way to force your body to heat itself up for hours

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