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How to get curly hair?

1. I'm 1/2 black. 1/2 white. I have relaxed hair (like... Three weeks ago.) My straight hair is getting boring. It goes go midboob. Lolololol. But on to my question.

Since the relaxers I've gotten over the years, my "curls" are really just waves! I'd like them if they didn't get so poofy! It's too big on the side of my head and near the roots. I've never known really known to do my hair, so tips on how to get cute waves? Thanks!

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    i have tryed everything as far has getting naturally wavey look and let me tell you, braids dont work! there is just random creases in your hair!! what you need to go it put some moose in it and buy a waver tool. it's the only way to get pretty waves unfortunatly.. you can also curl it and then brush and it looks kinda wave and natural(:

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    Hmm, I guess a keratin treatment would work. It doesn't straighten out your hair but it does smooth it down so you won't have any frizz whatsoever, just soft and shiny waves. It'll loosen the waves up a little so they'll be a lot more manageable. Get one online called cocoa keratin, I got it last year on a site called beyas and it lasted for like 5 months. I haven't had it again this year because I'm saving up for something else, lol. But I do recommend it.

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    I wash my hair and just when my hair is about to dry, i would part it to two sides then french braid it, and it would give me beach-y kind of waves with no products. Then, you could also use a curling wand after this braid to create tighter curls, that would mean the braids are like your "guideline" for curling your hair I guess.

    Sometimes, I would just curl it with the curling wand then throughout the day it loosen up and turn into waves(:

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