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How to protect myself in prayer?

I pray differently than most. Sometimes, I end up putting words into God's mouth b/c its what my mind wants to hear. What should I pray for, or do to prevent this? I have great convos with God until it becomes all about me...

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    Pray for help to listen.

    Set aside time to listen. Set aside time to just be with God. Be passive.

    Start with the Gospel of Luke. Read three or four lines and then stop and think about them. Don't ask questions. Listen.

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    I've by no means heard of this in an effort to do away with a demon out of your residence, but it looks like a flawlessly logical thing to do - nevertheless it's tough. Fill your condominium with love for Christ. Put a Christian radio station on on your bedroom and depart it on when you're no longer residence. When you don't take heed to Christian worship track, begin taking note of it. Be taught the songs and sing them aloud. Exhibit love in the direction of your mom even supposing she's mean to you or when you believe like being imply. Tell her that you're a group against this and that you simply are not able to enable it to divide you. Sleep with a Bible next to you or beneath your pillow. If you're awaken at night time, thurn to Ephesians and skim in regards to the armor of God. Whilst you wake in the morning, arm your self with the armor of God and do the same whilst you go to bed. Sit with your mother and pray with her and browse the Bible together. What demon would want to hand around in a condo filled with the love of God? None. It can be for your condominium when you consider that it knows it could get to you and/or your mom. Tell it, "within the identify of Jesus Christ, I command you to depart my apartment. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to leave my mom and i alone. You don't have any claim to us. We're His."

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    when you pray you have to pretend that youre in a little teepee with God and your just best friends playing seven minutes in heaven

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    Pray that you will be able to discern what he says from what you say and that he will help you to see others before your self

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