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I donf know what to do about this guy? please please PLEASE answer!!?

so theres a guy i really like,its kind of a long story, so bear with me. at the start of the yr, i really liked him, even though hes a yr older than me and probably doesnt even know my name. ok so i was walking down the hall one day at school, and i saw him with his freinds, n i accidentaly caught his eye. i kept walking, and he came up to me and started walkin backwards and looking at me in my eyes and looked kind of confused or something or like what? and smilig. so nothing happened for a bit then later he was biking past me after school and when he went by he looked at me and smiled big while he passed me. and nothig's happened since. what can you make of that? and he seems kind of different than normal guys. not immature. but hes funny. and nice. (im pretty sure at least) but anyways i really like him. and its kind of a weird coincedance that this all happened with the one guy i like? and so i wanted him to know i like him, but i dont want anyone else to know. i would never admit i liked him if someone asked me, unless it was to him or my freinds. so idk what to do, or how ro do this. and i get really nervous whenever i see him. and for some reason i cant help but always notice wherever he is. all the time. so what should i doo?n i kno a lot of people just say go up to him n tell him but honestly i dont think i could talk to him very well, let alone start a conversation, so how are ways to make it obvious i like him. n also, it would be weird just to go talk to him, cuz i dont know him at all. never talked to him before, never around him except in the halls, he probably doesnt even know who i am! i feel stuck, cuz i like him alot, i get really nervous around him, n honestly, i dont think id even have a chance. hes cool. hes got lots of friends. hes older than me and im his sister's age. (does that make a difference?) hes in grd 9 n im in grd 8 btw. idk what to do, its hard seeing him at school all the time cuz it makes my stomach do flips, but i cant ignore him!


and im afraid of being rejected. plus if he told all his friends, it would b really embarrassing. and im pretty good looking, i usually get along well with anybody, im not super shy, but i am shy around my crush. i have friends and people like me. ive been asked out twice before, but one of em might have been a dare. idk. so ya. pls answer fully? and what do you think it meant in the first part?

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    Well, Let him know you notice him. when u see him in the halls, kinda courageous and let him know your there and interested. Just play along in whatever situations your put in and you guys might end up talking :) best of luck! Oh, And I know how u feel. Haha. I've been in your situation before. Actually, all I did was introduce myself to my crush...we started talking and now we're dating! So u never know ;)

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    Oh my gosh! That's exactly like the problem I'm having now! I would try to gradually get his attention and work up slowly until he makes the first move, like asking you out. Try to get him to talk to you a bit. Don't push it too much like you are really desperate. Go slow and try not to overreact. My problem is the same. Then again, you never know what might happen. I doubt the guy will spread the word once he knows you like him. At some point if he doesn't say his feelings, try to figure out what to say and just pour out your heart bit by bit. If he does, good for you! Good luck!

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    next time you se him smile. if you are awkward like i am you face probably looked a little weird when he rode past you on his bike. so just smile and let him know you know him and he will try and get to know you. be mysterious. guys like that.

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    show him you're interested and talk to him

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