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The TALLER you are, the more seriously others take you?

I've seen studies on this, and would like some opinions from real people...

Why do you think this is?

Why are many tall people taken more seriously than their shorter counterparts?

Why are taller people more likely to make you feel intimidated, or at least, a little more cautious when dealing with them?


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    I know this to be true, but I don't really know why. The only reason I can think of is that there's some instinct in us that responds to physical intimidation. Civilization today is based more on brain power than it is on physical strength, but the fact remains that taller, larger, more attractive people command greater respect. It may have something to do, also, with the fact that a person who is shorter comes across as younger and less knowledgeable, because they more closely resemble a child than, say, a 6'5" bodybuilder.

    In a theater class, of all places, I learned that there are a lot of physical characteristics that are used in casting to give people an immediate feeling about the character. John Wayne was left-handed, but in all of his movies, his right hand was dominated, because of a common, instinctive idea that "left-handed people are bad guys." That's also why he wore white instead of darker colors.

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    I'm of Mexican and Spanish and Italian descent on my mom's side and Creole & Cherokee on my dad's. I am moderately tall. I am taken seriously. And I have to admit, I don't take short Mexicans seriously at all. I see them as tribal people who stick only to themselves, especially if they are fat.

    I know people will think I'm being mean, but it's true.

    Short people from other ethnicities are easier for me to take seriously. So in that respect, I take everyone else on their individual merits unless they are short *and* out of shape.

    It's true. I was asked so I answered.

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