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What comes to mind when you read this?

Life is a maze and love is a riddle.


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    The Show by Lenka because those are the lyrics. lolololol. jk.

    this phrase makes me think of the life ahead of me laid out as a maze meaning that i can only see a short distance ahead of me and I'm not sure which is the way out (or to success), but if i don't move, i wont get anywhere, so i have to take chances. and for the second part, it makes me think of love as something complicated and something that you have to figure out as you go, but once you find the answer, you will have that rewarding feeling of happiness. :)

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  • Red
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    8 years ago

    Nothing. But life is a maze. It feels like I always make the wrong turn.

  • .
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    8 years ago

    Life doesn't have anything to do with simplicity.

  • Hadean
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    8 years ago

    And vaginas are caves.

    Nothing at all.

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  • cheese

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Life is complicated......?

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