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Why have I been dreaming about having sex with older people?

I am only 18 years old and I have been having theses bizarre dreams lately. I do find older people sexually attractive but, only 10 or 15 years older than me. The people I have been dreaming about lately are old enough to be my grandparents. I just graduated from high school in May, but my last dream was about this neighbor by the high school I used to attend. The dream started off during one of my free periods, we were allowed to go off campus. I was walking through the neighborhood near my school; I approached one of the houses. I knocked on the door, and this much older men let me in his house. We had a conversation for a few minutes, but then it led to sex. We were in his living room, I was enjoying it at first, but then he got aggressive. Today I had another bizarre dream it started off with me playing this weird game show, there were two judges. The first judge looked like a crossbreed between Betty White and Jone River, the second judge was Zachary Quinto. At this point the dream started off weird to begin with. After the game was over the judges told me I won the prize. They told me to meet them behind the set to get the prize. It was total darkness behind the set I couldn’t even see my hands in front of my face. All of a sudden the lights turned on and I was in this colorless room. I cannot fully recall what else went on during the dream, but the judge that looked like a crossbreed between Betty White and Jone Rivers walked up to me. I was slumped up on my knees. For someone reason I started getting aroused by her, I begun to play with myself. She stuck out her hand and I started sucking on her index finger. The dream just got more bizarre beyond this point. Zachary Quinto came out of nowhere. He was wearing this pink matching outfit, he was wearing short shorts, black tights, a pink sweater, and he had this floral sweater wrapped around him. The door in the room wasn’t completely shut and one of my best friends walked in on me. I am openly bisexual, and I am a female. I am not sure if these dreams had anything to do with my sexual orientation.

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    Your sexual needs are not met

    so you have your fun in a dream

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