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Frasp asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 8 years ago

Why is the red cross symbol the same as the flag of Switzerland?

It got created in Switerland, right? is that the only reason? What does the cross represent ?

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  • Mike
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    8 years ago
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    Switzerland is a Catholic country, and the cross represents this fact. The flag was created during the Middle Ages, around 700 years ago. During that time, many European nations had crosses on their national flags. England, for example, has a red cross on a white flag; France used to have a white cross on a blue flag; many Italian kingdoms had a red on white cross. It was common to represent the cross of Jesus Christ on the flag to show that the nation is existing for God and will fight for God.

    The Red Cross international medical organization flag is related to the crusades during the Middle Ages. The Hospitalers Order was a military religious organization that was formed in Europe and sent to Jerusalem to defend the Holy Lands held by the Catholic Kingdom of Jerusalem in the 11th century. They had a red cross of Christ on a white robe. The Hospitalers originally had to provide medical aid to Catholic pilgrims, but became military once the Muslims got more aggressive. The word "hospital" comes from this religious order. The red and white cross flag also has this historical root.

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    the main suitable foundation of the white pass is attributed by 3 competing legends: To the Theban Legion, (a Roman legion — of "six thousand 600 and sixty-six adult adult males" — who had switched over en masse to Christianity and have been martyred mutually, in 286), the Reichssturmfahne (such as Nazi pass) attested from the twelfth century, and to the Arma Christi (yet another call for the gadgets of the enthusiasm) that have been notably venerated interior the three woodland cantons, and which they have been allegedly allowed to reveal on the till now uniformly pink conflict flag from 1289 by king Rudolph I of Habsburg on the occasion of a marketing campaign to Besançon.

  • 8 years ago

    It isn't. They are opposite colour - the Swiss flag is white on red, and the Red Cross is red on white.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    thats ur answer. so that y they reversed polarity.

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