What is the average time to date before getting engaged?

ok so me and my boyfriend have been dating for over 3 years now. we live together and I'm finishing my degree and he going into the police academy. I was wondering this because we had like a little joke going about him asking me to marry him in december but i was kind of serious but the other day when the joke was made we act like a married couple he said "nawh not yet, few more years." i don't know why but this hurt a lot. i not only was hoping for december but if not that soon. i don't want to push him but i just wanted to know if i was being to pushy. is 3 years too soon or should i tell him i want to move forward with us.

if so how do i say that with out sounding needy.

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    8 years ago
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    As long as it takes. It's different for different people & circumstances. but i would say the shortest time should be 8to10 months just my honest opinion....answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AhgkW...

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    4 years ago

    i think of an popular relationship time is around 2 years then yet another 6-3 hundred and sixty 5 days for the engagement. My husband and that i've got been mutually for a year in the past we've been given engaged then we became engaged for 4 years in the past we've been given married. this is in simple terms diverse for all and sundry some human beings rush and a few pass sluggish the two way as long as they are chuffed I dont think of it rather concerns. desire this helps.

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