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Rat Questions, just a little advice?

*4 rats

* 3 boys in 1 cage.

*My super pet multi-level ferret cage

*2 7 month old males, 1 6 month old male, 1 2 month old female.

Okay, so my three boys share the big cage. I haven't put any fun things in there, well because they destroy everything within a week.. So, I dont really want to waste money on nice things until they stop. It's mostly my big male, Peeta. He'll tear apart the hammocks when the other two are sleeping in it.. Any advice? Also, what kinds of toys should I get them? Prices would be great, also even better if it's from amazon.

I'm also wanting a ferret nation for them. Should I get the level covers, or get my own fleese?

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    Get yourself blocks of untreated wood and put them in the cage. These blocks can be bought from a hardware store or found in the garden. Pine or palm work quite well, stay away from hard woods.

    The rats will use these as chewing blocks. They will prefer to chew these blocks than steel or hard plastics, which means your steel and plastic toys will last much longer.

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    Try this website:

    They suggest lots of home made toys which will cost you next to nothing.

    I never buy toys for my rats from pet stores now. It is a waste of money when they get chewed up.

    But I have bought fleece on ebay (a huge roll) for virtually nothing, and then made my own hammocks, I use every day objects and boxes for hides, made origami boxes to hide treats in, etc etc.

    It saves a hell of a lot of money and helps you get rid of a lot of rubbish that would otherwise just go in the bin anyway!

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    Rats love to chew things so you cannot keep them from chewing and playing just because it is too expensive. Rats' teeth are constantly growing so they need a lot of chew toys. Your rats will get very bored if you don't give them any toys or things to chew on. Rats will not suddenly stop wanting to chew stuff, especially if they are 27 or 16 months old. Rats do cost care for and you need to be willing to put the money into making sure they are happy and well cared for. But when it comes to toys/chew items, there are cheap options if you get creative. My rats are always very happy with cardboard boxes like old cereal boxes, tissue boxes, shoe boxes, etc. They also love shredding newspaper and tissue paper. A good cheap entertainment that my rats enjoy is getting a toilet paper roll, put treats in the middle, stuff both ends with newspaper, paper towels, etc and then they have fun finding the prize inside. Since the rats are going to destroy their toys anyway, you might as well let them destroy cheap stuff and save your money for other things. Wood is also a great thing for rats to have because it is good for them to chew on it and it lasts a while, just make sure it is animal safe. Bird toys are often great toys for rats. The dapper rat has a lot of creative and cheap toy/entertainment ideas for rats: For the hammock you do not need to buy expensive hammocks; you can just get fabric. fleece is great, and you can hang it with string or shower curtain rings. This way when your boy chews up the hammock you can just put in a new piece of fleece and put the old one in the cage for him to chew. If you can find fleece cheaply I would recommend getting a lot of it because it is great for hammocks and cage liners, especially if you get the ferret nation.

    I noticed that you have the three males together, but your female rat is alone. You need to either spay her so she can live with your boys or get a cagemate for her. Rats are social creatures and single rats are less happy, less healthy, more likely to develop behavioral and health problems, are lonely, and tend to have shorter life spans that rats who live with a cagemate or cagemates.

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    well i have 2 8 month year old boys and we get a shoe box and cut a hole in it as their bed and will it with card board, papaer towels and other thing like that and they will not eat it they will just chew on it and but more stuffing in it trust me it works

    Source(s): me and my 2 rats
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    Make toys out of cardboard- the possiblities are endless with cardboard and a little string,,

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    you can use ripped up newspaper , toilet paper rolls , wooden huts you can buy from any pet store

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    Rats NEED to destroy things in order to be healthy. A true rat paradise will be full of goodies to tear apart. As I'm sure you know, their teeth never stop growing and having nothing to wear them down on is just torture! But yes, pet toys can be pricey so here are a few of my rodent entertainment tricks that have worked for rats, mice, and gerbils. Don't try and get them to stop chewing, give them things that they are allowed to destroy that won't break your budget.

    1 - Don’t underestimate the power of cardboard! It’s cheap, I'm sure you have some around the house and it’s easy to shred! Easy cardboard bonanza: stuff empty toilet paper rolls with their shaving and hid a few fragrant treats (like kitten food) inside. Put those rolls in a sturdy cardboard box (something thick, like the boxes things are shipped in) and pack around them with shavings. Cut only one hole in the top only big enough for one rat to squeeze through. Cheep toy, hours of fun! Also for only a dollar at the dollar store, an unopened box of Kleenex. See how long it takes then to turn their cage into a winter wonderland :)

    2 - Old fabrics. That t shirt you got at camp four years ago and haven wore since? Bunch up some more of those fragrant treats and wrap torn strips of the shirt around them and tie tight knots. Make sure that they need to really gnaw at it to get though. Old socks with holes in them that I’ll never wear again double as tunnels and are double the fun.

    3 - Wood. Thick, hard, dense wood. Buy a bag of chew toys from your local pet store (usually about 10 dollars for 5-10). The flavored ones are the best. But do your rats destroy those too quickly? Go to your local hardware store and ask sales ret to show to the natural, untreated (NEVER BUY TREATED!) woods and buy a block that's a few inches square. This is much harder to destroy. For even more excitement, flavor it yourself! Never smear anything on it, because that can make the wood rot. Instead, cook it with another food item. In the past I’ve put my block on the barbeque while I was cooking chicken and steaks, and this past thanksgiving, in the oven for a while with my turkey. Just use some common sense and take all the necessary precautions to avoid causing a fire! The smells of your food, seep into the wood and little rat noses can smell it for days.

    4 - When buying ACTUAL pet toys, don't limit you to the rodent isle where everything is made for dainty hamsters and itty bitty mice. Pop over to the bird section and look at some of the ladders and wooden toys made for vice-like beaks. They are more expensive mind you, but they last much longer!

    5 - Explore the store! To the dog and cat stuff! Those plush toys full of fluff? They may not (or they may, you never know) play with the squeaker, but tearing open that plush carcass is loads of good time plus as an added bonus, that fluff is cozy to sleep in :) just be sure that they are not eating it. Dog toy= 5-10 dollars. Less if you get it on sale. But again, use your common sense. Don’t get anything with small pieces or lots of parts that are easy to eat. Also, the rope toys for tiny dogs (you know, knot on both ends, braided in the middle, and frayed on the ends) are a challenge to shred.

    6 - Make feeding fun, tap into those instincts. If you don't let your rats outside, bring outside in! Grow a pot of cat grass in the windowsill (5-10 dollars t any pet store) and let them roll in it or eat it. Collect a bucket of clean freshly fallen snow and let them dig if they want to. Are you pro or against live feeding? Me, I’ve never liked it, and never let my rats do it, but other breeders say that their rats are over the moon when they get to chance something. Be it either a shallow Tupperware container with a little water and a small feeder fish (rats are good fishermen) or fill that Tupperware with a half inch of rabbit food pellets and drop in 3-4 supper worms. Just ask any local pet store, they can set you up. Instead of killing something, I let them track down small bits of buried meat in those rabbit pellets or hang their bowl for the top of the cage to that they have climb to get it, and it moves when they do. Again, please use common sense; never put your pet in a situation where they could harm themselves. Small hanging bird feeders placed only inches over a well cushioned area is the safest way to do it.

    And last but not least 7 - use your imagination! If that can chew on it safely, give it to them! Let them explore new things with new textures and smells. Going to the zoo? Rub one of those old t shirt strips on the primate house. Even that empty, cleaned 500ml pop bottle is fun. Look around, chances are you have the best toys right in front of you for free :)

    Oh and as for covering the cage bottom, get yourself some nice, fluffy, cheep fleese blankets. Don't go all out because you know that they are going to chew those too!

    Source(s): Pet owner/lover/trainer and pre vet med. student
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