Can I fix a hole in an aluminum radiator?

My car is a 93 ford escort. It has a hole in the radiator. The side facing the motor. Its not a huge hole. But its big enough to have a constant flow of water. Is there a way to fix this?

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  • br549
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    8 years ago
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    I'll try and explain.

    The radiator contains two tanks on each end or top and bottom (ends I believe in your Escort). Those tanks are connected via flat tubes or sometimes called flutes. There are thin veins connected on those to help remove heat from the water that flows through them. There will be two or more rows of those "stacked" which make up the thickness of the radiator.

    If one or two of those tubes has split, it is possible to block off that (or those) tubes. On a brass radiator, that means simply soldering it shut. You have aluminum tubes which can be blocked as well.

    I have had success doing this. First, locate the leak, then using a knife blade cut the fins away from the tube to expose about two or three inches of the tube. Cut the tube at the leak and open them a tad bit with a tool of some sort and put some Permatex "Form-a-Gasket" or even RTV inside the tube, not a whole lot, just a tad. Then using needle nose pliers, crimp (flatten) the tube ends.

    The radiator has to be empty to do this, and it lowers the cooling capacity, but one or two tubes won't even be noticed.

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  • vaden
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    4 years ago

    If you are special it is no longer only a loose hose clamp or unhealthy hose, radiator substitute is something most radiator shops will quote over the phone, it varies with the automobile make/mannequin so just call your nearby radiator retail outlets. If it's a only a gap from a rock affect they are going to just solder it closed rather than change it. When you choose to make use of a sealer I suggest Bars Leak, it is a rubber particle situated system a ways much less likely to thoroughly plug up your radiator, which is what can happen with the aluminum powder type sealers (aluma-seal, and so forth) in case your radiator is old/in marginal (in part obstructed tubes) or if you pour it in too rapid (plugs the tube openings even in a good radiator). When that happens you're going to nearly instantly begin overheating and you will have no alternative however get towed to the radiator shop.

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  • John
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    8 years ago

    Lots of alu-products out now. Clean and flush before trying. Removed is best for repairs. I've had good luck with a oil and gas repair in a yellow tube. It takes 24 hrs to dry but its like glass and works on most anything.

  • 8 years ago

    No. If it was from an older model vehicle then I would say to take it to a shop and see if it could. But if it is from a new model, Just replace it with one from a local parts store that has a life time warranty.

  • Harry
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    8 years ago

    do you have any skills?if not,you dont fix it like the question asked,you pay someone to fix it,sorry

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