My boyfriend doesn't trust me? but i haven't done anything for him Not to trust me?? :/?

we've been together almost ten months. around our 5 month anniversary he cheated on me with an ex. he mad a fake profile page and everything just to talk to her. i forgave him and we've been together since. but every now and then he says he hopes i dont cheat on him or leave him for someone else. and he recently just admitted he honestly doesnt trust me. i haven't done anything for him not to trust me. i've been 100% faithful our relationship. it should totally be the other way around:/ although i dont trust him either. but i have my reasons.

so why? i dont understand why he doesnt trust me? he even hates if i ask to go out with friends or anything:/ its like hes being controlling. it seems like he cares but other time he doesnt. like if i cry about something he gets really angry and runs away from the problem and ignores me until i apologize for being upset. ughh. sorry for posting so much but help?? please?:? no rude comments.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    From what you just stated, its clear as day that your boyfriend has done something wrong hence he is currently feeling insecure to the pressure of guilt. Try to talk to him since an open communication is key to a good relationship.

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