What should I do with my situation ?

(I'm in 8th grade btw) So there's this guy in my class and we sit together in ela. We're always flirting in ela cause we sit next to each other and I used to like him last year a little bit but not anymore. But when we started flirting those feelings came back. And we've been flirting for a couple of months now but just a couple of weeks ago those feelings left. But the other day we were watching a movie in class and he put his arm around me and normally I would move it but I didn't cause I didn't know it was there! And then my other teacher came into the room and we were watching a movie with her. She turned the lights off and it was dark and my hand was on the desk and he started holding it. I didn't move it so we did that the entire movie. Then when I came home I was bored so I decided to text him, I said hey and he replied and said do you like me. I replied and said no why? He then said oh cause I was gonna ask you out. And now he's just ignoring me. I try to talk to him but he tries to make me jealous by being around other girls. (oh I forgot to mention he's kind of a player)


I forgot to mention that when we were texting I asked why he wanted to ask me out and he didn't give me an answer.

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  • 8 years ago

    This could be tricky since you say he's a player. He could've just wanted to "get in your pants" so to say, but you never know until you take the risk. You should've been honest, and you can go tell him that you lied and say you do like him. I mean, if you do like someone enough, you'd truly try anything to be with them, right?

  • 8 years ago

    His feelings are hurt because you rejected him. If he's a player, just forget about it and act normal. He'll get over it.

  • 8 years ago

    Short answer - forget him, keep looking.

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