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Please help! Need advice Asap!! Answer pls!!?

My friend and I fight all the time. Then 5 seconds later we love each other like sisters. We have a weird friendship. But neither of us wants to stay away from each other for good. Anyways,my friend...shes really stuckup sometimes. And I hate that! It really irks me. Shes always bragging and looking down on others. And I cant stand that bcus I believe every1s equal. Bcus she is rich, ppl act like little scared b*tches. They nvr tell her the truth. She has" yes men". But im not one. I tell her like it is. I tell her the truth. Anyways, I got fedup with her bragging. We were texting and I called her a stuckup b*tch. She said well good nite then. I knew she was mad. So the next day I asked her if she was mad. No response. So two days later I asked her again! She responded with"leave me the f alone. Ima stuckup b remember?the f u need to talk to me for?" I told her"whatever.ull get over it" .... This is basically a normal day for us. We fight 24/7. But then we makeup. Yes...our friendship is toxic but when its good,its great. We r just too comfortable with each other to not be friends. We've been friends 5+ years... Soo do u think I should apologize bcus I kind of said it in a mean way? Or do u think I should just let her cool down ? Or should I just get the hell on with my life?

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    let her cool down,.. but you should say you're sorry cause its really mean.

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    Your over wondering it lol, maximum adult adult males in basic terms seem at a woman to work out extra intimately, and if he must be able to work out himself with u... you cant tell for sensible if he likes u till u adult adult males commence to talk and then comprehend the indications on what he does and how he reacts to issues. so if u want to get to kno him, in basic terms walk over there and act like u dont kno the thanks to apply a cac... which will make the first convo non akward.. provide it a shot and be conscious the way it is going

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