why do i feel like im not good enough for my boyfriend?

i feel like im not good enough for him sexually. weve been together for 3 years. i took his virginity. its like he looks at porn freakin other girls........ its shitty i jus wanna know why im not good enough.


i do.............. im jus not his type like i dont have big boobs its jus stupid like if i dont make him happy then why does he keep me around

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  • 8 years ago
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    There are guys who appreciate a flesh and blood relationship, and a sensual sexual partner. Why spend time wondering about his hand activity, and find a mature young man. You deserve physical contact, and most virile males want to accommodate. Sex is best when shared, and porn is such a boring existence. I'd hold you, and we could go exploring.

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    8 years ago

    ok listen. I have heard from countless women who think that they must not be good enough, other-wise why would he be looking at other women on porn. some women know that they are beautiful, attractive and some know that they are stunning, and so they are really puzzled. something else is going on entirely. the reason why most men watch porn has little to do with them looking for an attractive girl that interests them. no it is because entirely which i am about to tell you. however you cannot underestimate the info I will be informing you of. i am an expert in this field. His reason for watching porn has to do with the effect that the porn has on his mind. Various sexual presentations expose the viewer to numerous impactful mind altering manipulations. The viewer having little to no chance to defend themselves is virtually powerless against these intrusions. The viewer is delivered a powerful mental high, which is experienced as a powerful sexual high.i suggest you learn to identify the Manipulations, understand How the Mind Works, understand How to Nullify the Tricks & Free the Mind from these cunning deceptions, and having him practice until perfection. I used to be intensely into watching porn, and I overcame it. If I can, anyone can overcome it. Tell everyone, because this is a problem that is massive, and the general public needs to become familiar with this knowledge. so it needs to become common knowledge.

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  • 8 years ago

    Men are like that. They look at porn because they have urges. Urges that they don't feel comfortable asking you to satisfy. They want you to know that they respect you. So every time he wants a quicky he doesn't want to ask you to help him with it because he feels it would lower your standards.

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  • 8 years ago

    All guys look at porn don't worry. Just try new things, role play

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