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Will my fish fight? please help me guys?

i have a common yellow perch found in lakes and he is very aggresive towards smaller fish and will kill anything he can eat ( obviously ) but my goldfish and koi he leaves alone my koi are like 8 -9 inches long, goldfish are like 3 or 4 long and my smallest koi is the same size as them and he leaves them alone, but my friend is going to take her fish to petco, they are a big oscar and a black cichlid the cichlid was my moms, he lives like inside of rocks and does not come out, she said she kept them in two tanks because they fought but they were only in like 25 gallon tanks, mine is a 110 gallon, the perch is like 7 or 8 inches long, i hate to see them go to petco but i cant have them fighting with my other fish

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    Its for the best that you have it in a separate tank

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