In Your Opinion: Is Homosexuality A Choice, or Is it Natural?

I've seen people flock to both sides of the coin.

Some say that it's a choice (like myself), but others believe that it is a 'natural' part of human life, and some-how, they were 'born gay'.

I personally do not support the latter, but neither do I support homosexuality at all. I still see and respect gays as human beings, because they still are, but I just don't support their lifestyle.

So tell me - In your eyes, is homosexuality truly something natural . . something stashed away into our genes, and for some people, has become the norm . . . Or is it simply just a matter of choice?

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@esmerelda ~ No, I'm not in any of those profesisons, nor do I have any interest in them. By "lifestyle", I simply mean the fact that they are attracted to, and date the same sex. THAT'S what I mean by their lifestyle. I never said, nor did I mean to imply that they're constantly "getting it on" every second of the day.

I'm well aware they can still lead normal lives as a straight person. You're incorrect by your "statistics" guess. I have no close acquaintance who is a homosexual, and I am not hurt by anything relating to homosexuality.

Just because I do not support homosexuality, that doesn't make me a homophobic. I see and treat homosexuals as they are - Human beings. The same way I'd treat a straight human being, I'd treat a gay one. I don't discriminate.

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@Paul ~ Insults are NOT necessary, to make a point. Especially immature ones like those. You show me respect and I shall show you respect - There's no reason to throw words at a stranger whom you've never met and probably never will meet, over the INTERNET.

I do believe that homosexuality is a choice. I see no reason not to believe so.

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@Nr. ~ You have a level of respect and maturity and I like that.

When I say "choose", I simply mean, they've decided to give up dating the opposite sex and try to look for a partner of the same sex. That's what I mean by "choice".

When I say "gay lifestyle", I'm referring too the fact that they're a homosexual. Consisting of seeing the same sex in a romantic way, that's what I'm referring too.

When I say "natural" - I'm simply meaning the norm of human make-up. Humans were created with two opposite genders, male and female. Male and female were obviously created to be with each other, no?

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    8 years ago
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    To be honest I think for some it is a choice, they however are a minority and when I say minority I really mean a minority. For the 95% of gay people I think that it's a natural thing something that comes from genetic make up, I mean I know of many many guys out there who have tired to hide their sexuality or get away from it and have had it not work, mainly because it's just how they naturally are. Your question is probably one that will stand with numerous answers for centuries yet but I think it's a bit of both, for the most part I think it's just something that you're born with :)

  • 8 years ago

    I'm not convinced that it has to be an either-or-scenario. Human sexuality is a strange thing, and while I'm certainly not an expert I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility for sexual preference to have a genetic component, while at the same time being more malleable in some individuals. Some might be born with a strong and clear sexual preference, while others could vary depending on the things they encounter in life.

    The term "choice" implies that there is a specific moment when people choose their sexuality. I certainly remember no such event in my life, and I can't really think of a way in which I could currently just decide to start being attracted to men. From what I've heard, my experience is fairly common.

    I see people refer to the gay "lifestyle" quite a lot, but I've never heard anyone actually explain what it is. What would that lifestyle consist of? Is there a straight lifestyle? I'm honestly curious.

    Finally, I find that when say use the word "natural", it is often meant to be understood that anything "natural" is good. That is obviously not the case, as diseases are just as natural as anything else. My point is that you don't have to like something in order to accept it as being a thing that occurs naturally. Not saying that I personally think homosexuality is bad, but that seems to be the way you're leaning.

    Edit: I just saw your response to esmerelda. Would a gay man who isn't dating anyone at the moment, but is still attracted to men count as being involved in the gay lifestyle? Again, just curious.

    I also forgot to add that there are countries were you can be executed for being a homosexual. Well, if you're a man that is. I believe the women are more frequently gang raped. I can sort of imagine a comfortable first world citizen choosing to be gay so as to attract attention, but it seems improbable when the attention you would attract would get you shot in the head.

    Edit 2: There's a problem with your statement that "male and female were obviously created to be with each other". This implies that there is an intention for humans to behave and interact in a certain way. Who would have that intention? You use the word "natural", but nature doesn't intend. Nature has no opinion on how humans pair up because nature isn't sentient. Nature doesn't plan, it just happens. You might say something to the effect that nature is God's will made manifest, but then you'd move the discussion into an arena where Non-Theists and Non-Christians couldn't follow.

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    Ask anyone who is gay(like me) and they will say it is not a choice. Ask the gays themselves not straight people, what do they know?It is like asking an asexual person if sexual attraction is a choice, they have no perspective on it and therefore are not the best person to ask. I am autistic too and that is not a choice. I did have lab work done that showed higher levels of testosterone, and lesbianism seems to run in my family. I have two aunts and my grandma who turned out to be lesbians. Yes they did marry men, but back in the day, homosexuality had a more negative stigma than it has today. They were unhappy in their marriages and are all with women today. Think about it, when you had your first crush, did you choose to have a crush on them? It just happens, you can't explain it. In third grade I had my first crush on a girl in my class. I thought I better not tell other people I have a crush on another girl. FYI, avoid using the term homosexuality. Yes I know it is not an in itself an insulting term, but it is often used by bigots as a snarl word. A lot of gay people are very touchy on this, and you would probably get better reactions if you just said being gay instead of homosexual.

  • 8 years ago

    In my opinion, it is all natural!

    I think you believe it is a choice because psychologist say it is a choice to be involved in gay behavior; however, psychologists say it is not a choice to feel attracted to the same sex, desire the same sex private part, get horny when you see a wiener hanging around, and most importantly, fall in love with someone of the same sex. So basically, it is all natural, without any doubt. It is something that we are born with, we cannot get rid of it, and we don't decide to be born this way. We only choose to come out to people, and that is because we can no longer bear the weight of keeping to ourselves the fact that we are different from the majority, because we want to be able to talk to someone without fearing they are going to punch us in the face. We choose to come out because we want to find the people who will love us for who we are and not for who we pretend to be. We were born this way, that is the bottom line. It is natural.

    At the end, we are all humans. Is it really bad to be gay? I think we are doing the world a favor by preventing over population.

    Hope I didn't offend anyone here! It is just my opinion!! Peace out :)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    So by your logic, you chose to be straight, right? There are countless amounts of scientific studies and articles that prove that sexuality is determined at birth. You can say that you chose to be straight all you want but the truth of the matter is that you didn't. You REALIZED that you were straight just like I REALIZED that I was gay. You honestly think I would choose to be gay? You honestly think I would choose to live a life that's full of hate, discrimination, potential death threats, and sometimes loneliness? If it were a choice, then how do you explain all the gay teens that commit suicide because of bullying? Couldn't they have easily chosen to be straight so they wouldn't be bullied anymore? You might want to do some thorough research before you make uninformed and ignorant opinions. Don't be a bigoted idiot.

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    8 years ago

    I think it is natural! You are born that way! Everyone in the womb starts off as a female and certain chemical processes have to occur to form the penis and hormones. Sometimes thing in this process go wrong resulting in either a gay or lesbian or even a person with both penis and vagina. I don't understand why you don't support homosexuality, you cannot help who you love. Why would anyone choose a life of descrimination and hate? so many of my friends have tried SO HARD to be straight but they can't its not in the. I'm a straight female and if i wanted to be lesbian i couldn't! i could try hard to like girls but no matter what chemically and hormonally speaking i can't make myself have feelings for them just like they can't make themselves have feelings for the opposite sex.

  • I feel it is actually choice (goodness knows why - but it does seem to be) and imperfection so no, it is nothing to do with nature.

    A choice means that one has the option which way they want to go, which I think is absolutely disgusting personally and horribly insulting to those who are actually born this way due to something going wrong in the womb.

    Take my brother in law; he had all the signs of it not being a choice. He was very feminine in his ways (he is no longer with us). As soon as I met him, I knew where his sexual feelings lay and sadly was right! He also had tantrums that is very gay - compared to how a proper man would behave.

    Actually my brother in law himself often said that two men being in a relationship is a bad thing and I tell you, he was very much a gay man - with a little bit of bisexual in him!

    What I do know is that very soon, this system is going to end; I mean: all those who refuse to worship our Creator and a new world with take its place which means that there will be no more gays or lesbians and go back to normal.

    I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and love (d) my brother in law very much and miss him terribly.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Here's a question for you to answer f-tard. Would you choose to be ostracized by your family? your church? your government?. If you can honestly answer yes to any of those questions then yes being gay is a choice. But if you're really dumb enough to believe that, there's no hope in educating your closed mind on the matter. So why are you even bothering anyone with this question?

    Your pea brained little mind is already made up. Nothing, including science would convince you otherwise.

  • Hermes
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    8 years ago

    It isn't a choice. I understand that science is meaningless to you -- however, let's be honest here -- every single major organization that deals with the "science" of being human -- APA, AMA, APsyA, ACA, Royal Society, Canadian Royal Society, CPA, American Institute of Pediatrics, etc. have ALL declared, based on the evidence available to them that homosexuality may be genetic or not BUT it is inborn, and that attempting to change what one is, far from being possible, harms the person (in the case of APsyA) Those who disagree are left with NARTH, which once you strip it of organizational members appears to have about 200 members, compared to hundreds of thousands in the other associations; and a fake pediatrics group with what appears to be a few dozen members at most. There is no real argument and no supportable disagreement. Homosexuality is inborn. Whether or not to ACT on what you naturally DESIRE is a choice, but you cannot change what you desire -- can you imagine wanting a member of the opposite sex your entire life but never allowing yourself to act on that desire? That is what you are asking gay people to do when you suggest they shouldn't be gay.

    Now, I still understand that you don't care about science or its research or developments, but -- you might think about also considering our nearest primate relatives (nearest on the evolutionary tree - and yes, I understand you also don't believe in evolution and you think that the earth is 5000 or 6000 years old most likely. but you did ask what we thought) The bonobos are a primate species, very similar to us though much smaller and less intelligent. They even use tools and have a very limited language of about 200 words. The entire species is bisexual.

    So is it natural? Certainly it is. Not only is it documented among primates, it is documented as existing in exclusion of any heterosexual activity among members of hundreds of species. (Start with Dr. Bruce Bagemihl's work, but don't stop there if you want an understanding of what we've found). Is it inborn? It appears to be, but whether it is or not, it is not a choice, only how one acts on it is.



  • 8 years ago

    That's so condescending?

    This is probably the dumbest question that gets asked over and over in LGBT.

    So did you make a concious decision to be straight?

    I'm bisexual - I could make a choice, but why should I, I'd be a lesser person if I had! It also means that I am fully aware how different this makes me compared to my gay friends. *I'm not some idealistic teen, I'm in my 40's and have been bisexual for over 20 years.*

    The choice god fearing bigots seem to suggest people should take is between heterosexuality of abstinence. Forced abstinence due to religious belief breeds nothing but perverts and suicide - that is what is not natural!

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