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would you consider this unnatural?

I have a VERY narrow forehead (low hairline) and for two years I've been shaving with a razor but I stopped. Now I use a haircut machine to get rid of my hairli e to make forehead appear broad. My question, do people focus on the face shape or the forehead when it comes to beauty or just the features? ?

And also, most important, is this an unnatural thing to do? Why or why not? Would people notice?

Can I get rid of my hairline by electrosys or whatever it's spelled like?

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    You can probably get rid of it with laser hair removal. Research it. But in the meantime, you should get front bangs. They are in for the winter anyway! Plus you can never go wrong with bangs, they are very cute but can be sexy too depending on the eye makeup you wear ;) but honestly, no one gives a **** about foreheads as long as you dont. Focus on the beauty you already know you have and you'll stop caring less and less about your forehead. Trust me

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