What are some reasons to go Vegan?

I've been thinking about not eating meat anymore. I think my reasoning would be something like this: If you were a person who ate meat, and you went to a slaughter house, you might say its gross. But how can you say that when you eat meat. You do feel sorry for the animal, but you just kind of shrug it off. If I stopped eating meat, then I would not be hypocritical.I do feel sorry for the killed animal and would probably find the sight of a slaughtered cow to be disgusting. So I guess you could say I want to be a vegan so I won't be a hypocrite. Am I making any sense? What are other reasons?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Luke - there is a difference between being a 'vegetarian' and being 'vegan'. The "reason" is philosophical - vegans do not believe in harvesting any kind of animal life for food - or anything else for human use. They also don't wear/own leather, fur, feathers, etc. No bone handles...no ivory... Nothing associated with animals.

    Vegetarians on the other hand are less rigid, and may go that way because they want to lose weight - or they just don't like meat. I eat vegetarian probably 80% of the time -but I eat cheese and eggs.

    Being a true vegan takes a LOT of work. Vegans not only do not eat meat they consume NO animal products whatsoever, and for most that extends into their clothing, shoes, etc, as well. Even if you don't "eat meat" it's very tough to completely avoid ALL animal products because of things like "Gelatin" - (Jello) - which is made from bones and connective tissue and is used to thicken everything from candy to cake to vegetable dishes. Egg protein is also used in tons of packaged foods.

    Some vegetarians eat dairy (cheese in particular is a good source of protein) , eggs, and even fish. They have no issues getting enough calories and a balanced diet.

    Vegans on the other hand really have to work at it because there are certain amino acids and minerals that are only available in animal products. Growing vegans have to take supplements or risk all kinds of malnutrition, stunted growth, endocrine problems, etc. So if you're going to "go vegan" be sure to consult with a qualified nutritionist. Good luck.

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    Your reasoning for not eating meat is good, and if you decide that's what you want to do then go for it. However, there is a difference between being vegetarian and being vegan. A vegetarian chooses not to eat meat, but a vegan chooses not to consume any animal products including milk and eggs. The thing I don't understand is that they think they're helping animals, which they are doing by not eating meat, but not by refusing dairy products. Cows produce milk, but if they aren't milked often, they are in physical pain because they have too much of it. If you want to get technical, vegans are hurting cows.

    If you don't want to eat meat, go vegetarian, but going vegan is unnecessary.

  • 8 years ago

    Why do people complain about eating animals, it is what you do and it's what your ancestors done. If human stop killing animals for meat you know who won't? other animals. Honestly a few number of people giving up on meat won't stop it, you need more people to do so a lot more because for everyone else, we will continue this process until the day we die.

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    8 years ago

    Going vegan is a personal conviction. If you feel the way you do and going vegans keeps your personal integrity in tact then go ahead. It isn't the food we eat or don't eat that defiles us or makes us bad. It's what comes out of our mouths that actually nail us.

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  • 8 years ago

    Short answer: Because if you're not vegan, you are supporting animals being tortured in unimaginable ways brutally and killed in disgustingly brutal ways too. Eggs, dairy, meat and fish industries abuse animals in ways you'd think only psychopaths do....the truth is much more shocking and horrifying than fiction.

    To learn more, please watch EARTHLINGS and MEET YOUR MEAT.

    Both are free documentaries on YouTube. One is only 13 minutes long, the other is longer.

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    8 years ago

    I've got nothing. Don't do it.

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