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I want to make more friends?

Ok so i sit by 2 friends at lunch, but I want to sit next to these other girls that I've sat by before. Although i dont want to leave those two friends alone, but i dont think they want to sit by other people

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    Invite the two to sit with the other girls with you, and if they don't then go by yourself. Don't let them hold you back! I had made two friends early on in my freshman year of high school and I had lunch with them mostly, but I also went up to other people in my classes and had lunch with them, even if those friends didn't want to. I ended up meeting a group of people who share a lot of common interests with me and they became my best friends. Those other two and I aren't on bad terms, we just found our own way on our own pace.

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    You should try and talk to these kids in class and see if they wanna be your friends and if they do invite them to sit with you.

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    Bring someone else in with similar interests as your friends.

  • 8 years ago

    Just be happy with whatever friends happen to come your way

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