Trying to find a specific episode of Batman?

Alright, Batman fans. Time to prove yourselves.

I watched this on episode of Batman (probably Batman Beyond, the intro was mostly street lights and a lot of red) as a kid and it was just really memorable. I may be wrong but a blonde girl that I THINK is Harley Quinn would keep getting white roses from Anonymous (pretty sure it was Joker or some creep), and at on point she got chili from him. And this may or not be in the same episode, but there's this female villain who can transform herself because she's made of ink and she may have been famous... anyways, she meets a guy and he wants to be a shape shifter like her- a decision he later regretted. Any idea, anyone? I've watched every episode of BTAS and so it's not in that series. Nor is it from The Batman.

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  • Mandy
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    8 years ago
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    The first sounds like "Rats," episode 22 of Batman Beyond. The girl getting the roses was Dana, Terri's girlfriend. She has black hair, so I'm not positive it's the episode you're talking about, but the part about white roses from an anonymous sender makes me think it probably is. They turned out to be from some rat guy living in the sewers.

    The second one with the ink villain is definitely "Disappearing Inque," episode 12 of Batman Beyond. Inque appears in a few episodes, but this one includes the guy wanting to have the powers she does, and it doesn't go well for him in the end.

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