Algebra: How to solve linear word problems?

I honestly don't understand how to solve linear word problems..

Here's the quesion:

1a. ) The Peanut gallery made a profit of $16,450 in 2002, and a profit of $21,340 in 2005. Assume that the profit followed a linear pattern. Write an equation that gives the profit, y, in terms of the year, x. Let x=0 correspond to 2000.


1b.) What was the profit in 2008

1c.) In what year would the profit be $31, 120 in the trend continued?

Please show explanations & work. I really..don't understand this.

(I obviously know the basics- solving equations, finding slope from an equation, y=mx + b, etc.)

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  • Nozar
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    8 years ago
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    16450=m2002 +b

    21340=m2005 +b


    subtract: 4890=3m,m=1630,b=-3246810

    y=1630x - 3'246'810

    y(2008)=1630(2008) -3'246'810=$26'230

    31'120=1630(x) -3'246'810, x=2011 the year

    God bless you.

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