Do you guys agree that there's nothing to discover anymore?

Because today we are advanced in science and technology and many other things that we don't need to discover new things. We now know how the brain works, how are bodies work, electricity, psychology and many more. I am really thinking about making inventions, but we now know have access to all the knowledge in the world. In other words, Is there hidden knowledge somewhere in this world? Do we need to know more? Is there something that needs to be discovered?

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  • Ecko
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    8 years ago
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    There are many things we don't understand, and a new discovery by definition is one we don't already know. Even during the late 1800s people were saying that all was known, but then electronics, communications, flight, automation, transport, medicine and such made great advances.

    What it needs to make a discovery is the ability to recognize something worth while when we see it. Some discoveries are made by a serendipitous "noticing something" or a mistake. However many are made by pursuing a long list of possibilities, using known principles and trying to find a new way to use them, or a breakthrough in how to use them.

    I suppose it could be said that a lot of the easier things to discover, those likely to be found by someone pottering around in a shed, have been discovered. But even those earlier discoveries were not easy. When Faraday 'discovered electric motors' it was partly due to the state of the art moving along, the availability of suitable batteries, magnets, and electromagnets. His 'motor' was a wire dipped in a pool of mercury, near a magnet, that jerked around when current was passed. The step to modern motors was still large, and made later by others. How did he recognize what he saw? Somehow he linked that to electric and magnetic things being related, and worked out some rules to show the relationship.

    Daily we are kidded and bombarded by the advertising world about new things, but most of them are simply re-development of existing ideas, like the latest model of something or other - more related to fashion and marketing than discovery. This can lead us to think that we have reached a limit. No way..

    Think of just one area - medical problems - cancer, malaria, viruses, resistance to antibiotics. We don't know too much about how the brain works. Better understanding of ourselves will lead to better robots probably. We just need to be cautious about someone claiming to discover a mare's nest (horse's nest), complete with eggs! We know these do not exist :)

  • 8 years ago

    That's a great deep question that makes a person think big ..

    Well if it comes to discovering new things there is nothing called enough if that was the case then we wouldn't reach to what we are today beside that think for a second what if they discovered a cure for HIV isn't that worth it all the ppl who would benefit from it ?!

    So yes we need to know more things or what would be the different between us and other creatures if we don't work our brain


  • 8 years ago

    Those are good answers. Many of the easier things have been discovered, so most future discoveries will build on a huge amount of knowledge and require large teams of very learned persons. Neil

  • 8 years ago

    We havent even explored nearly 60% of the ocean. We don't have the technology to and their is a whole nother world down there we know nothing about. In the deepest darkerst parts of the oceans humans can't reach there good be millions of species we havent discovered. You can invent the technology and explore down there its a 2 in 1

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  • Alex
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    8 years ago

    There are things being discovered all the time. When you consider the number of active research universities, it's probably several per hour. Most are mundane and may never see mentions outside of academic journals, but every once in a while something important comes out.

  • milos
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    4 years ago

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