Is it worth trading a Kimber TLE 1911 for a Colt STS King Cobra .357 in Very Good Condition?

All opinions welcome. Thanks

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    7 years ago
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    Heck yes. I'd trade a Kimber for a Colt any day. The Colt will appreciate in value, the Kimber will not.

  • 7 years ago

    From my understanding the only revolver made by Colt these days is the Colt SAA and they mainly focus on the 1911s. The reason why and I only done research a while back is that because they set up their machine shops for the 1911s and the Colt other revolvers are hand made but there just wasn't any demand for it, and they took in special orders for it but quickly stopped because they just didn't want to invest in it any longer.

    With that said, I don't think a Cobra been in production for a while. Nearly 14 years. So if you happen to find one and they are dumb enough to trade it to you for a Kimber, then yes, get it.

    Now my opinion is to see if they got a Colt Python! That's a beauty and one of the best 357 magnums pistols ever created. Some say the trigger pull is so crisp that you can feel the difference right away. They stopped making it early this century so I think if you can find one and they want a Kimber for it, do trade it in!

  • Yes. The Colt King Cobra is no longer made and is some what collectible. KImber still produces 1911's.

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