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Say you just won $400+ million dollars...what are the first 10 things you buy or do?

Hey now lets see what would you do or buy List 1. through 10.

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  • Marcia
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    8 years ago
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    tax lawyer

    investment person


    take care of any health issues

    clear my debt

    establish a personal spending budget

    deal with transportation issues selling, fixing, buying, and/or replacing

    take care of some house and yard maintenance

    hire a personal clothing designer/maker

    probably go on the road to make decisions about the future

    The first 10 are pretty boring but, hopefully they will enable a future beyond my dreams without extra problems.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1. change my phone number

    2. Hide

    3. Don't tell anyone

    4. talk to a good money manager

    5. Get a 'burn phone' so no one can contact me

    6. Keep going to work (at least temporarily)

    7. Pretend it was somebody else with a similar name that won the $$

    8. Incorporate ASAP

    9. Set up a trust for my kids

    10. live (quietly ) off the proceeds of my investments, continuing to deny that it was me that won.

    I have a really, really big family, and some of them are still in jail. I wouldn't want them to know ANYTHING.

  • 8 years ago

    Well I'm 16 so I can't play but if I could heres what I would do

    1) I've my grandparents enough money to travel to where ever they want to go and pay off all their bills, sim e they have pretty much raised me from birth.

    2) give my dad a little money, but not near as much as I would my grandparents if they needed it.

    3) buy myself a truck nothing to fancy, just something to drive.

    4) immediately put away 250k for college (hopefully it will cost nowhere near that amount)

    5) help my sister eith her college tuition.

    6) take my family on a nice cruise

    7) invest into some stock, but I would definitely not put a ton of money into wall street with our current economic condition.

    The rest (which would still be a Ton of cash) I would save until I need it or my family needs help. I would only help family or maybe a close friend I trust, and I would not just hand it out to anyone.

  • Mauve
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    8 years ago

    A few men for a harem, amongst which a doctor, a mechanic, a vet, a dentist, a farmer and Bear Grylls.

    My own Island. I call it Mianus.

    Some things like watertanks and houses and bikes to run the island.

    Enough animals (chooks, horses, cows, sheep, dogs) and seeds of vegetables, fruit and tobacco and other drugs to sustain farming

    A boat to fish and go to shore.

    A generator and a tv and such

    Some cult leader to brainwash me into happiness

    3 more aaaaaaaargh

    Heaps of toys and books to keep busy (delta flying, sports things for my boys so they keep in shape)

    I will have to build a small resort so people can come ashore and I can make money of them cos knowing me I be broke in a year or so

    A distillery on the island for making the booze to feed the tourists

    I like my list : )

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  • vay
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    First, i'll substitute the 10M USD to my distant places money and that i'll have around 50 Million! BWAHAHAHAHA. Then i'll pass purchase an excellent spectacular vehicle and pass procuring the entire day. day after right this moment i'll probable think of of a greater thank you to spend and make investments the money yet for that throughout the destiny, i'll be loopy millionaire shopper.

  • Mark
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    1. Buy a house.

    2. Buy a car (no, nothing like a Ferrari, but a ncie car with all the bells and whistles).

    3. Take a vacation.

    That's only three things, but I think you can get the picture from those.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Buy a house

    Go to the fertility clinic, have a baby

    Shop for the baby and my dogs

    And save the rest

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