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What is equality? And how do feminists seek to achieve gender equality?

(The EU is trying to push a 40% quota for women in board rooms by 2020).

Equality is an impossible ideal, no two people are equal. So to say that a certain percentage of women need to be in government or in board rooms is not about achieving equality because meritocracy is undermined. One cannot achieve equality by quotas especially when these quotas are only for the top jobs in society. Feminists never argue for 50% of garbage collectors should be women for example. Does allocating 50% of the only the best jobs to women mean equality? Should 50% of the lanes in the 100m sprint be allocated to white men? Should 72% of NBA players be white to create equality since African Americans make up only 12% of the US population and should therefore be limited to only 12% of the jobs in the NBA? When a certain group of people perform well in a particular field of endeavor does that mean that others are discriminated against? How do quotas achieve gender equality?


@ Prettylittle Liar - You make no sense whatsoever. For example almost all sport teams are owned by old white men the "old boys club" as you put it yet they hire almost all black players. Its all about merit. It has nothing to do with discrimination at all. If waht you said was true then they would only hire white players but its actually the opposite. These women my be qualified but are they the BEST. If they were they would already have been hired. The list does not prove discrimination at all.

Update 2:

@ Tea - Please dont forget the Glass Cellars, men account for almost 98% of workers doing the most dangerous, dirty and back breaking work. Equality demands that women take their place alongside the garbage men and sewer workers and construction workers etc. Not only the board rooms. There is no such thing as a glass ceiling or an old boys club or patriarchy these are all feminist lies. Women have never been discriminated against in the way Jews or blacks have been its all just rubbish.

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    There are indeed different forms of quality. People actually being equal, equal opportunity and equal distributions are all different things.

    I agree with you that no two people are truly equal. What I believe in is equal opportunity or non-discrimination, which is why I disagree with policies that gender discriminate. Since people are not equal, or not the same, offering equal opportunity will not result in equal outcomes. I think forcing equal outcomes is really bad goal, since it's artificially forcing people into things they are either not as qualified for or don't desire as much.

    Again, the equality I support is non-discrimination. Feminists clearly do not support the equal treatment of men and women. Time and time again, they lobby for women to be treated preferentially, which is the exact opposite of the equality they claim to be about.


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    Dunno what the radical feminists think.

    I don't quite agree with quotas. But something has got to change because there are issues.

    I am going to use Walmart as an example because there has been a bit in the media (I'm from outside the US) lately, but it's been aroung a while.

    Board: 17 members- 13 men, 4 women (less than 1 in 4). Seems about average.

    They're employees however is about 2 females for every male. These employees earn 2 less than the market,

    So the Walmart board is quite happy to take advantage of their workers (male and female). The women aren't being represented.

    Now in my country mining and construction (traditionally male dominated) have really taken off over the last 10 years. A dead end no hoper, limited, no brain job can earn a $100,000 - $150,000. Good for them. Sometimes it's hard work. Meanwhile a nurse, works a longer week, still a physically demanding job for $35,000 and will never earn a $100,000. Do you want a nurse who earns a third of the miner, and works half as long again dealing with your medical emergency and giving you drugs?

    It just needs to be leveled out a bit, not necessarily 50/50 but, it's like politics. Where I am from the opposition (about 70 with 12 females) The government (71 with 24 females). And then there are a number of independants and smaller "parties" (usually only 2 or 3 representative). The opposition is conservative and is lead by a religious "nut" who thinks women should be in the kitchen, believes women shouldn't have sex prior to marriage (and therefore doesn't need access to contraception because that's what marriages are for!) and has a lot of sexist or very close to sexist policies. The women either believe this as well (and considering most are well into their 50's have very different standards to a 25 year old). I don't want a representative (regardless of age or gender or anything else) to go "Screw [insert group here]"

    Quotas aren't the answer but something has gotta change...

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    It is not at all impossible baby. Not a chance. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡


    -Being able to go to school and work

    -Being able to pursue your dreams and whatever makes you happy (so long as what makes you happy doesn't hurt others!)

    -Not being owned-freedom! (and if someone is submissive and wants to be owned at the end of the day it is still their CHOICE)

    -Not being discriminated against for being female, male, black, bronzed, white, yellow, olive, whatever (obviously there are some jobs that are easier for men like construction and anything requiring heavy lifting but if a woman can do it well and she wants to then she should not be denied)

    -No forced home-keeping or family care classes like someone here suggested

    I'm going to assume you did not mean the equality that means the same as because no one is fighting to make women clones of men. Now if you consider the above to making women clones of men you need to ask yourself why you view such things as male only privileges.

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    Affirmative action is discriminatory. Anyone who disagrees, is not a rational thinking person. Forcing employers to hire a certain amount of women in place of more qualified workers is damaging to any workforce. Feminist need to realize that men give credit when credit is due. A woman who is more qualified will be hired over a man who is less qualified; like it should be. A more qualified person will bring in more revenue for the company. So, why wouldn't they put gender and race aside to help the company?

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    Anyone criticizing the feminist movement is likely to be accused of stirring up misogyny , the hatred of women, although I prefer to think of it as stirring up common sense – which appears to have sunk in recent years to the bottom of the swamp of political correctness. Besides, if you really want to stir up hatred, you just have to open a book from a womens studies course, and start preaching

    So, whether it’s unfit women crow-barred into the workplace positions they aren't qualified for; ; the insistance other people pay for their birth control; the destruction of innocent men with false rape accusations; universities letting misandrist recruit on campus; family courts dehumanizing men and turning them into support payment donkeys

    society, it seems, must always bow to the unreasonable demands of feminist and anyone who dares to object is either vilified as a sexist , silenced or subtlely threatend with violence.

    Hob... Birth control is not paid for by "others". It is a prescribed prescription that an individual pays for threw their own premiums.=== Premiums, that get raised because all of sudden they have to cover something new, which multilplied by half the work force= a shlt load of money, ERGO other..people ... paying ... for ... it.

    and those bad behaivors cause illness.. which is what the insurance is for in the first place. and if you get complications with the pregnacy, it'll cover that.

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  • Gerard
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    equality is women possessing exclusive post-conception reproductive rights, while men possess none

    equality is women spending less time in prison than men when convicted of the same crimes

    equality is women not registering for the draft

    equality is state-mandated "equal pay" for unequal hours and unequal jobs

    fighting for "equal representation" in government when there aren't enough women who want high-power political jobs, & these women can't even get elected democratically even by > 50% female voters.

    LOL at your solution Cat -- if men don't work unpleasant jobs nobody will. If we all work as secretaries our planet has no infrastructure & society grinds to a halt.

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  • 8 years ago

    The fact that men assume taking a physical hard job is "manly" is kind of what the patriarchy puts in place for itself, not feminism. The truth is though women take hard dirty jobs too. My mom teaches special ed children for example. You might not think that is a dirty job, but trust me it is. She teaches middle school boys who grew REALLY fast and can hurt her easily..

    Women have to go home AND take care of children and do domestic chores if they have a family. Men assume less roles at home.

    Don't give me this **** about how victimized you are. You can take any job if you simply apply for it. IF you don't want to apply for a hard job then dont? Be a clerical worker ?

    You talk like the only jobs that exist are hard jobs or soft jobs. Most jobs fall somewhere in the middle though. Women need jobs to pay their rent. To pay for school. To feed themselves. To survive in the world. That is a fact of life you have to somehow learn to deal with.

    This is honestly more evidence to me that misogynists and masculinists really are bigger pigs.

    If your life is uncomfortable do something about it. Don't wine and blame women because you chose a harder job and you wish you had it easier. Start being more sensative to people's issues perhaps and watch how people treat you differently. I didn't say "become a pussy" which is obviously how you'd take it, but stop being an asshole

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    It seems that so many MRAs think that "equal" means "the same as".

    I had one MRA argue with me that secretarial positions are biased against men, because there should me more males in secretarial, receptionists positions...!

    You think that SAME MRA would say the same toward police, firefighters, etc...? Hell NO! Being a police officer or figherfighter does not always [and most often times doesn't] necessitate the use of strength and force. It requires the use of the mind for detection, for following patterns, for research, etc...

    If AA was such a negative impact on the workforce in the US, it would be overwhelmingly gotten rid of by both women and men!

    @Hob... Birth control is not paid for by "others". It is a prescribed prescription that an individual pays for threw their own premiums.

    I don't have cancer, yet my insurance company pays for the treatment of patients with cancer... Does that mean they get "free" treatment?

    I am not obese...yet, my insurance company pays for idiots that sit around on their couch, eating potato chips and drinking beer, because their lifestyle causes a heart attack...

    Grow up, and do your research before you start posting a bunch of garbage.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Quotas are about breaking glass ceilings and changing age old misconceptions. Quotas won't really be needed any more once people get used to seeing females in those positions and realizing they can do just as good of a job.


    I'm pretty sure there's quotas for those jobs too. I knew someone who didn't get a job he applied for in one of those fields you mentioned because they had to meet their female quota.

    It doesn't really concern me too much that you don't understand. Men who have this much trouble understanding such a simple concept don't usually end up in a position where they get to make these sorts of decisions anyway. Hence why quotas are in place and you're here in this section complaining instead of being able to do anything about it.

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    The fact is that the culture of any organisation influences promotion and hiring practices. Many of the organsisations in the report have an 'old-boy network' mentality which means that women are consistently discriminated against in favour of candidates who are percieved to fit with the culture of the organsiation more. Often it is an unconscious thing.

    The point of the affirmative action exercise this report discusses is to try to force a cultural shift. Once more women are in top level positions the rest of it will follow naturally. It is an attempt to force a change that would have occurred naturally anyway, with time.

    Europe's business schools will next month release a database of 7,500 "board-ready" women, she said, proving there are enough qualified women graduates to merit boardroom posts.

    This is an important point. These women are qualified and ready to go, yet are not given opportunities because of various social perceptions that remain in place as a left over of a more archaic business mind-set.

    You may believe it is an unnecessary step, but clearly many others disagree with you.

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