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I just wanted to confirm one thing,if I am applying for a dependent spouse visa UK can I not apply for it before 3 months from the date of arrival in UK,or is it compulsory to apply only after that time,for example if I ll arrive in UK in march 2013 thn does this mean tht I cannot apply now but will have to apply only in or after december,is it true,please help me as the UK border agency website is nt providing info in this regards

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    You would have to give some personal information here. You are not making yourself clear as to whether you are already married or are planning to marry in UK. Either way you need to apply for, and obtain your visa before you will be permitted to enter the UK in the category of spouse or intended spouse. When you apply you are asked when you plan to arrive in UK, so if you apply now and are granted a visa, it is likely that it would be issued for a two year period commencing shortly before March 2013.

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