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Can foreign registered vehicles enter Langkawi Island, Malaysia?

I plan to ride my Singapore-registered motorcycle to Langkawi, Malaysia and then cross by ferry to Satun, Thailand. (Something like Don Sak Pier to Ko Samui)

Is this possible?

I have been to all over Thailand on my motorcycle with no problems.

Can someone help answer this question?

Please include the pier name, ratesand operating hours.

Much appreciated as the information will aid me in my planning.

(How do I get into Langkawi with my bike and how do i get to Satun from Langkawi?)


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    you can get to the pier from Kuala Kedah or Penang to Langkawi, from Langkawi you can go to Kuala Perlis first, from there it is already quite close to Padang Besar, not sure if there is any direct ferry to Satun, if i were you just get to Langkawi first and ask for it there, the worst case just go through Kuala Perlis

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    i had only general answer to your question.. of coz u can bring along you bike to langkawi via kuala kedah or kuala perlis ferry terminal.. for safety issue it is good if you can bring along your motocycle grant and roadtax.. in case something happen..

    and i also knew that they had a passenger ferry to Thailand but im not sure if they had a vehicle ferry or not..

    that all i that i can help you with.. sori

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