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昕欣 asked in 社會及文化語言 · 7 years ago


幫我找一篇英文歷史的新聞and highlight main point


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  • 7 years ago
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    -------The old news from an English Daily-------

    -----When writing news of the past,we should bear in mind that it is interesting and the future may be affected. however the sense of right and wrong will tend to expose the answer--------Highlight main point

    by now and prevent those previous readers from any more misleading opinions formed from the papers. What are the consequences now on the Volume5,No.128,March19,2012 on The Standard?

    ----The headline shows "Debate Backlash Grows"--------Highlight main point

    It's about the pressure mounts on Tang and Leung.

    -----The pictures show Leung is facing pressure over Tang's allegation---Highlight main point

    that Leung recommended using riot police------Highlight

    to crack down on protesters against national security draft law.

    ------ThenJoseph Wong and Regina Ip who say Henry Tang should be condemned for breaching confidential rule.-------Highlight

    ------Both then called for the administration to explain on the disclosure of confidential matters------Highlight

    in Exco meetings relating to anti-subversion legislation. They say Tang should be condemned for breaching confidential-------Highlight

    ------Then other "lawmaker" comes in Cyd Ho Sau-lan who said that "citizens have the right to know the truth on whether Leung expressed views on dispatching anti-riot police against protesters in July,2003---------Highlight

    against Article 23.

    ------Then former civil service chief Wong said the admin. should explain on Tang breaching confidential.--------Highlight

    ------Then Ip said that if discussions in Exco were disclosed the idea of confidential-------Highlight

    would be lost and Exco members would back away"from expressing opinions freely."

    ------The admin.has stated that"there is nothing to be said."

    ------The main points on the past news is about confidential information,because it is classified, restricted, suppressed, and top secret.

    ------That ends the oldnews.

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