What is your opinion on this couple filming an erratic driver?


Do any of you guys film erratic drivers or report them?

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    8 years ago
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    Filming does not help - we call 911 immediately. Regardless of the cause of the erratic driving, something is going on and a traffic stop could save lives. It might not even be drunkenness - it could be a medical problem (like diabetic coma approaching). Whatever it is, we can''t have drivers like that.

  • roger
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    8 years ago

    you know one day I was around the corner talking to my neighbor over behinf a large barn. I heard the drunken couple fire up this pile of crap broke down piece of junk that barely ran. Several days before this drunken hill billy actually cut across in front of me and some tourist in a drunken stupor and laiuched her car up over a steep driveway front wheel of the ground eyes all glazed I dialed 911 and reported that drunken hill billy and her equally trashed honey. so As I told my neighbor to come over to my side A FEW DAYS LATER to get out of thier way they roared around a blind corner at 20 mph so blitzed she never saw is standing next to the barn. had I not suggested we move she would have ran us down. I dont have a problem dialing 911 for etrratic drivers because the reality is this the life you save may be YOUR OWN ! PICK UP THE PHONE TURN IN ERRATIC DRVERS.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Never have so far but if needed I would.

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