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My life doesn't matter?

My life doesn't seem like it matters too much.

I have friends that disappear, I have no love in my life. I was abused as a kid... it just seems so pointless. I am no where near happy and no one makes me happy... I just feel like it doesn't matter.

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    Your life DOES matter, you just have to be the one to realize that. Everyone's life matters because everyone has a purpose. Yeahh some people might not know what that purpose is but finding out what it is can be so rewarding and sometimes interesting. Your life is your life. I'm pretty sure you have at least some kind of dream, if not make one. Even just making a dream a reality can make you realize that your life does matter. Now what doesn't matter or rather shouldn't is the friends that "disappear", having no love in your life or being abused as a kid (well at this moment). None of that shouldn't matter because the friends that "disappear" are gone for their own reasons. Yes it can be a bit painful when they go but its kinda a part of life. It can only make you stronger. Having no love in your life along with abused as a kid (again not at this moment) shouldn't matter either because some of the happiest people are single or alone and the past is the past. Instead of looking at the past as something bad, learn from it. Look at your past and tell yourself "even though this bad thing happened to me, I'm not going to allow it to mess with my future. Despite what happened, I'm going to live life to the fullest and do things how I like it" point is everyone's life matters. Whether you believe so or not. Once you truely realize what importantace yours is, you'll have a different view. It may seem pointless now but once you start doing either more things, or thinking more positive, things should be easier to understand...or at least I hope they will. All just depends on your bestest friend but also your biggest enemy..................YOUR MIND

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    We have all been in the same boat. These types of feelings tend to peak when we experience a bad event such as someone leaving your life. I don't know how old you are, but take pride in what you do. Your legacy is not how you treat yourself, but the lives you have touched in your path. Don't try to find happiness by looking for it in someone else. Make yourself happy by finding something you enjoy. Whether that be a hobby such as photography, cars, video games, or whatever. Find something that you can enjoy alone. Once you have found that, focus on it. Heck, maybe go find a couple more things you really like. That way, when you happen to randomly make a friend who shares a similar interest...That might actually bloom into a relationship.

    Don't sell yourself short though. Ever life matters whether it is one that only lasted 5 minutes to those who lived to be over 100.

    I, myself, am alone and have no love in my life. However, there are people out there that will never forget me or let me fall because I was there for them once when they needed it. If you truly feel useless in the world...Then take a stand and make yourself useful. There are plenty of people out there who could always use an ear to listen to their thoughts and provide conversation. Maybe that person is you :)

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    Yeah I feel like that all of the time. I've been severly depressed for 8 years and it's miserable getting out of bed every morning. But the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that one day I'll find my soulmate & he will love me forever. And if that does not happen then I'm probably just going to end it.

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    Everyones life matters no matter how sh***y

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    everyones life matters, god created you for some point, and i belive you'll find your love and friends

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