What are some good baby names?

These are the names I picked out:

Boys: Avery Wyatt, Carter Michael, and Kayden Lee

Girls: Abigail Rose, Chloe Renee, Nevaeh Grace, Nikkolette Lynn, Emmalynn , Gracelynn, Sienna, Avah Renee, Skylah Rayne, Savannah Briella :)

Please help with some names(: Plus middle names too

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  • 8 years ago
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    Avery Wyatt is, without a doubt, my most favourite name on your list. It's gorgeous and highly elegant, it'll flow well and age fantastically. I comparison, Carter Michael is quit bland whereas Kayden Lee is rather tryndee; and neither quite live up to the aristocratic level which Avery Wyatt has set for them all.

    Abigail Rose, Chloe Renee are rather pretty and Sienna is OK, though I prefer it as a colour. Savannah Briella is fine but I don't see the point in the unnecessary T that you'd tacked on the end, nor do I like Savannah in general since it reminds me of the African savanna AND it rhymes with Briella because they both end in an 'a' sound, the T doing nothing to detract from that. That aside, if you spelled Ava correctly then I'd be quite pleased with Ava Renee

    As for the rest, I dislike them. Nevaeh is cheap and lower-class and it's not even "unique" anymore, which was its entire purpose other than to serve as an "artistic" annoyance. So what if it's the backwards form of heaven? Any backwards form of heaven equals HELL, remember? And it's not even phonetically correct since there's no possible way you can get "Nah-VAY-uh" out of something that, by spelling, should be pronounced as "Nah-vah-eh". Grace is alright but it makes for a stale middle name.

    Nikkolette is an atrocious spelling of Nicolette (a very elegant name), and even something as beautiful as Lynn can't help it. Emmalyn is tacky, along with Gracelynn, since they're just overdone names that you've slapped "lyn" on the end in order to jazz up. But anything ending in "lyn", other than Evelyn, is considered to be trailer-trash; watch this youtube like for proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7URSM_ShQQ

    Youtube thumbnail

    And last but not least, Skylah looks like someone with a lisp trying to pronounce Schuyler, which is a boy name.

    Your boy names are fine. More than half of your girl names need serious work and the only thing I can suggest (since your naming style seems to be all over the place), is that you pick properly spelled names.

  • 8 years ago

    First off, you have really good taste in names!


    Carter Michael

    Skylah Renee

    Nevaeh Grace


    Avah Renee(I like the way you spell Avah)


    Annabelle Rose

    Charlotte Grace

    Penelope Joy

    Bentley James

    Matthew Travis

    Grant Thomas

    Miles Jude

    Hope I helped:)

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Avery kinda sounds like a girls name. I don't like Nevael, Nikkilette, Avah, Skylah, Gracelynn, sorry. And Sienna is a car name. It sounds like you like unusual yet nice names. So I'll give you some suggestions.

    Boys First Name: Darren, Cole, Keegan, Zayn, Stiles, Jordis, Jóse, Evan

    Boy Middle Name: Edward, James, Kobe, Casey, Marvin, Juan, Duane

    Girls First Names: Hanalyn, Dianna, Ivy, Alexis, Jenna, Elena, Quinn, Skylar

    Girl Middle Names: Raven, Chantelle, Isabella, Nidira, Precious, Alena

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Ella Rose is cute! I am no longer a significant fan of Veronica however Veronica Mae sounds first-rate :) i really like Emerson! I was once going to recommend Emerson Rae however when I saw the extra detail about how Emerson Bay used to be where you met your husband.. That makes Bay appear higher to me. I cant choose a favourite. I admire them all, however Emerson Bay has probably the most meaning it seems. Excellent luck and Congrats!! :)

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  • 8 years ago

    Evan David! OMG this name is so beautiful

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    My favorites:




















  • 8 years ago

    I like Karter and Tatum :) all of those are super cute though!!

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