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windows 8 activation error (Installing clean).?

I botched my windows 8 install and I ended up having to rebuy the darned thing. I bought the upgrade version the first time, the second time I bought the upgrade version and an install disc. I installed windows 8 but I couldn't activate it because I ended up wiping my entire hard drive and installing ubuntu and I'm trying to dual partition now. What if anything can I do here? Do I need my disc to get here? Can I go onine and look at my CD key's somewhere (I don't have my CD key anymore.) Do I need to create another hotmail account, login and go from there? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Why did you buy it twice? Did you lose the e-mail you got from Microsoft with the upgrade assistant and the product key? If you had called Microsoft and given your payment information I bet they would have sent you another receipt to the e-mail address you gave them the first time around.

    Here are their customer and service support numbers.


    It's possible to do a clean install with upgrade media. Here's a link for that.


    Use method #2. It's a trick from Windows 7 but it works in Windows 8 too.

    - Dominic

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    Ah, I see. Your situation is which you attempt to place in dwelling domicile windows 8. that's truly difficult that could assist you with little advice. Did you make the main of a CD, or is it from the cyber internet? If this is a CD, *shudder* call Microsoft. If that's application, try re-downloading it.

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