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Why is the vast majority of Alaska altered on googlel maps? What is going on up there?


Northern Alaska

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    Google maps uses a cylindrical projection which greatly distorts the higher latitudes. Google Earth does not and preserves accurate shapes of the land. A cylindrical projection distorts the high latitudes because it stretches them out to be as wide (long) as the equator.

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    It's not altered. Google Maps is just using 30m resolution landsat imagery since its freely available and has global coverage, since they don't have any better imagery for most of Alaska. Google Maps' high resolution imagery tends to be air photo, and mapping Alaska's extend with air photo flightlines will probably be a touch expensive.

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    Yo think Alaska is altered on Google maps - really, how so? The maps on Google look amazingly like the atlas I have.

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    Altered in what way? I was just looking at southern Alaska on Google Earth, and it looked okay, if not real good close up pictures in the wilderness areas.

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