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Why do democrats accept more elitist government bureaucrats who are bankrupting us?


A federal audit has revealed the chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission, Richard Lidinsky, used taxpayer dollars to spend more than $1,600 a month leasing a Chevy Tahoe SUV and $75 an hour to hire a staffer to drive him around Washington D.C.

Channel 2 Action News also found parking for the vehicle cost $4,700 a year, and at least 105 trips made with the vehicle were used to "shuttle the agency's chairman from his office to a nearby train station" that was three blocks from his office, less than a ten-minute walk.

-3/31/10, “Postmaster Potter has made headway in reducing work hours and the costs of benefits and pensions, but the average postal employee still makes $83,000 in salary and benefits a year, placing postal workers among the highest-paid government employees.”

-8/13/10 USA Today: Federal civil servants earned average pay and benefits of $123,049 in 2009 while private workers made $61,051 in total compensation, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

-7/8/11 U. S. News Report ( The actual number of private sector jobs decreased since 2008. Government jobs increased.

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    Because the Democrates ARE the Elitist Goverment.They think they know how to spend your money and run your life better than you.

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    facts are wrong

    How about the Darrell Issa Postal act of 2006 that required the USPS to fund 75 years of benefits in 10 years. Fed Ex and UPS lobbyists want to destroy USPS. Where did all that money go? Where is all that money? Congress is robbing USPS and trying to privatize America to corporations.

    Romney wanted to Privatize FEMA? So now if you can not pay you die?

    take the privatize and stuff it

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    It is ironic and some day this will have to be changed as the system cannot afford it. As far as excepting it they want the cash and many feel it's right. Have a great year!

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    George w. spent 11 trillion before leaving office with no way of paying it. a few billion just got lost going to Iraq. with no way of paying for it. the company's that Obama bailed out are now paying back the money with only three going bankrupt. California was a republican ran state only about three months ago or did republicans just forget Arnold. if your talking fiscal responsible. Bill Clinton. a surplus of jobs and money.were just cleaning up republican messes.

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    LOL, even IF you had used a reliable source, you clearly have NO grasp of numbers.

    Even IF someone wasted a few thousand dollars, our debt is in TRILLIONS of dollars (most of that accrued by REPUBLICAN presidents).

    Don't wing-nuts EVER get tired of being WRONG about EVERYTHING?

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    Why do Republicans go after entitlement programs instead of the elitist government bureaucrats who are bankrupting us?

    Nobody accepts those bureaucrats, but nobody is doing anything about them either.

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    They do not, having rejected The elite Romney the II.

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    Coming from a person who begs the rich for a job.

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