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Have you had exercises with the Indian army?

If yes, how was it? How would you rate our troops?

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    The Indian navy bought one of our old ships back in 2006-2007...the USS Trenton LPD-14, and is now the INS JALASHWA L-41. I was handling the logistics for the turn over from US to Indian navy.

    I found the sailors to be friendly but disgusting in the health habits. I caught one blowing his snot into a deep sink in the galley that had chicken thawing (I never ate on board after that), I caught one guy washing his socks in the water fountain and many washed their hands there. I bought small blue buckets as part of their cleaning supplies and they put them by the toilets and threw their used toilet paper in them (showed the supply officer and pointed out how unsanitary that was...he was surprised at my attitude). That's just for starters. Their sailors were very highly trained and discipined. I was looking for the Engineering officer one day and was told he was up at the CO's state room. I wandered up there and he and the electrical officer were at attention in full dress uniform (medals and swords). I later found out they weren't there for an award but an äss chewing. The CO was a Sikh and I truly admired HIM. The XO I wasn't too impressed with....too full of himself. I picked up some Hindi and then they didn't talk as much around me....I guess they weren't too sure how much I knew.

    I did make a few loose friends. One has since retired from the Indian Navy and lives in San Diego working for AT&T as a computer technician. That Senior Chief was such an intelligent, yet humble, man, and our IT person said the Senior Chief was way and above what our IT knew, and could do.

    (USN retired)

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