Why is the Affordable Care Act misrepresented?

I'm NOT asking about the cost to employers or any of the other reasons people have for not wanting AFCA to go into effect.

Please don't give me pages and pages of reasons why it's unconstitutional or something.

I'm NOT asking about the reasons the uninsured are desperate for this plan.

I'm already quite aware of those issues.

Sooooooooooo many people have stated that Congress exempted itself and will keep their "Cadillac coverage".

THAT'S my question...are you aware of this reporting error?

Does passage of this act make you feel a tiny bit better knowing that the fat-cat politicians will finally be in the same boat with the rest of us?

That Congress exempted itself is untrue as revealed by FactCheck.org and Forbes magazine.



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    Most people are unable or unwilling to think for themselves. SO... if their news source tells them that Obamacare is going to "kill grandma with death panels" guess what?

    Although at the same time, the Obama administration hasn't really done a good job trying to inform the public what the new plans will do. The least they could is put up a simple webpage listing the benefits and estimated costs to individuals. Doesn't have to be anything crazy or complex. Just a list of benefits such as "Children can remain on their parents' health plan until age 26" or "health care companies are no longer allowed to refuse coverage solely due to 'pre-existing conditions' (with a list of those conditions.)"

    Source(s): Who's been saying that Congress' health plan would change? Obamacare doesn't change existing coverage programs. It just changes who must be covered or otherwise get coverage.
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    7 years ago

    Anyone who is already insured through an employer or other means including Congress and other federal employees, does not have to change their insurance. The only exemptions are religious in some cases and economic hardship, or if people have a government subsidy or a military coverage. Congress has the same insurance exchange that will be set up in the states where people can choose a plan and coverage they want.

    The Cadillac plans are not even taxed until 2018 and that may be modified like so many provisions have been.

  • This does not matter as members of Congress have their own taxpayer-funded health care which is a thousand times better than anything in the forced health care act pushed through by Obama. They do not need to be exempted from it because they already have their own coverage. The fat cat politicians will NOT be in the same boat with the rest of us, they are too far above us for that. They have their own coverage and are unaffected by anything in the mis-named "Affordable Care Act".

    Source(s): . Gork
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