Acoustic Love Songs To Play On Guitar?

I need some acoustic love songs to learn to play on the guitar. I want to find a song that I can play for my boyfriend :) Please ones that I can find chords for online that use a capo. A good tutorial on youtube will work too. Please keep them from the 90s+ And no R&B or rap. Country, rock, and alternative are good, but others work too. A girl doesn't have to be the artist, it just has to be a song a girl can sing :)

Thanks so much <3

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    7 years ago
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    Please go to and search " open chords" and find my book open chords ( easy), by mg9990. You will see there a book ( that is growing) of songs you may find useful, and are incredibly easy to play!

    I will give you some that you can find on my book.

    500 miles by the proclaimers( a great one!) Linger by the cranberries, No rain by blind melon, With or without you by U2, I'm a beleiver by the monkees/ smash mouth. Can you feel the love tonight by elton john.

    All of these songs use chords a, e, d, c, am, f, g, etc.. Open chords are very simple.

    Some that are not on my book are: sweet pea by amos lee ( my personal favorite), Lost in love by air supply, Reasons to love you by meiko, and my other favorite, One Day by jack savoretti.

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